What does the word "vixen" mean, in your opinion, when applied to a woman?

Sexy, sexually aggressive, and trouble.

It means a girl I want to know.

Nah, you’re thinking of an Ultravixen. We’re just talking about the standard model.

Reading nothing but the thread title:

A vixen is a woman who is very sexually attractive but not completely trustworthy; she may be completely untrustworthy.

Clever and roguish, a gamine with an edge of steel. Bright eyes and a flash of teeth in a fleeting, slightly unnerving grin.

As long as she’s not a minx…

Very well put.

I’m inclined to mention big boobs also, but that might just be the Russ Meyer influence from my childhood showing its influence.

A sexy woman who uses her feminine wiles for ignoble purposes.

I also tend to picture a curvy, redheaded, middle-aged woman, Christina Hendricks type. Her character in Mad Men is pretty much the perfect example of a vixen in my mind. I’m surprised at the OED definition too. Time for an updated entry.

It means she’s got red hair and a pointy nose of course.

Like this? Now there’s a real vixen!

Without reading the thread,

the image that came to mind was Bette Davis. So, “the kind of women Bette Davis usually played”.

See, if I ran across that expression, I wouldn’t even know. I think it’s one of those metaphorical words that means different things to different people. Maybe something like, “a tiger in bed”? Or something else?

Maybe people in my region just don’t use the word?

I can only remember Bette Davis as an evil, evil, hag. She just played that role too well for me to remember her any other way.
A vixen is very sexual, very hot, and very much in charge of her own self. Madonna, perhaps, if she were slightly less overt about wanting to rule the world.

If one of my friends told me that a “vixen” was about to enter the room I’d immediately imagine a super hot girl in renaissance fair garb.

I think I’m far enough down in the thread to forgo the spoiler box.

I’ve always thought that the definition of a vixen was a woman that is not to be trusted (attractiveness notwithstanding). A female criminal, perhaps, who’s not been caught or convicted.

I also understand the more sensual definition you guys have given, perhaps a product of movie trailers, etc. e.g. “See our hero tempted to fail by the beautiful vixen.”

Note: I’m an old guy.

I’ll endorse those. I don’t see it as decidedly derogative, or else it wouldn’t be employed in the Russ Meyer manner. It implies some fox-like independence and slyness–but maybe more for self-amusement than selfish manipulation. And since foxes are physically gorgeous animals, there’s the implication that that the woman is visually fascinating, even if not beautiful.

Didn’t read the thread

I’d say a “vixen” was a smart, sassy woman, who’d outsmarted a man in some way, shape or form, can’t call her a bitch cos that would suggest she’s evil, so vixen is the next best thing.

but that’s just what I reckons, being a woman.

I wonder how it tracks the connotation of calling a woman a “fox”?

Did “foxy” used to mean “ii-tempered”? Or did it *always *mean clever and sexy?

Hypersexual type of woman.

Though the first thing I think of when I hear “vixen” is a female fox.

(I love that word. Vixen vixen vixen).

I think of ‘an agressively seductive woman, sexually manipulative’.

Had no idea it meant ‘PMSing for the third week in a row’!! :stuck_out_tongue: