What does the word "vixen" mean, in your opinion, when applied to a woman?

I didn’t read the thread or the definitions purposely in this case so to try to guess like I suspect other people have been. I always thought the term vixen referred to a woman who liked to argue for the sake of it, or was constantly getting into pissing contests with other people. That’s how I understood the context of “you little vixen!”

Where they used to be definitely negative (as recorded in most dictionaries), the word Vixen have now become a positive and even flattering word.

I believe there are 3 main reasons for this:

  1. the emergence of the slang term “Foxy Lady” for an attractive and sexy woman.
  • the base meaning of ‘vixen’ is “female fox” so it is natural to short-cirquit from that to “foxy lady” with its connotations
  1. Women lib have made enough of a difference to make it possible for women to speak and have opinions, without automatically being labeled as troublemakers and complainers.
  2. The word ‘attitude’ have switched from being exclusively negative to becoming more of a positive character trait, implying self confidence and strength.
  • So many of the behaviours that was associated with ‘being a shrew’ have now become positive: a woman who speak up and is not afraid to correct an man when he say something stupid :p, etc.

regards JakobA

In this context, it clearly means a sly and cunning woman, with perhaps just a hint of sexual manipulation:


On the other hand, I have a huge collection of Playboy’s Voluptuous Vixens at home that place somewhat more emphasis on the sexual aspect. :rolleyes:

After reading most of the Poldark series, I would expect “minx” to be an acceptable substitute for “vixen.”

An actress in a Roger Corman movie. Or more likely Russ Meyer.

Since the last time this thread was around I’ve come to the conclusion that another reason for the shift in meaning of the word “vixen” is the popularity of another word to describe a woman who fits the old definition: “bitch”. With “bitch” largely talking the place of its old definition, “vixen” was free to drift into having a new meaning.


Betty White’s character from the Mary Tyler Moore show.

She has red hair, is kind of low to the ground and has a bushy tail.

A promiscuity girl

A young girl who is smart, sexy and sly.

A vixen is a woman who’s “dangerous” because she’s not afraid to use her sexual charms to get what she wants.

Different from a “slut” because she’s selective in terms of her conquests. Ordinarily it’s implied that she’s got a high libido, and can be sexually direct, or aggressive.

Sort of like the modern idea of a “cougar,” without the middle-agedness.

Well, a minx is a whole different animal. A minx will definitely hurt you. A vixen, on the other hand, might be fun.

I’d say a very hot, independent, somewhat promiscuous woman.

One of Santa’s reindeer.

Oops. Wrong woman.