What does this do? Useless unused features on things that you own.

Driving home tonight I was looking for the button for the rear window demister and my eye fell upon the dashboard light dimmer button. What a waste of effort that is. I have never brightened or darkened the instrument display on any car I have ever driven.

My watch has a host of never to be used functions - world times, stopwatch (I use a stopwatch for that), countdown timer, phone book (I use a phone for that).

My blender has a pulse setting if you switch the dial the other way. Why bother? You have to hold it there as long as you want it to “pulse.” I just switch it to 1 and back to off. Same result without the holding.

Surely there are hundreds of these things? Do you have any?

I propose that nobody sitting here reading this thread has ever had a purpose to use the “Scroll Lock”, “Pause/Break”, or “SysRq” functions on their keyboard, and few have found a situation where “Delete” was preferable to “Insert”.

I use “delete” all the time, I’ve never used “insert”. I must not e the only one who doesn’t use it, since “insert” isn’t even on this keyboard at all.

Oh, and I’ve also used the dimmer for my dashboard lights when driving on completely unlit country roads late at night.

Damn those multiple people using the same items.

For me, and I’m perfectly clear about the fact that it’s well used by others, it used to be the camera on my phone. Then I discovered that when I don’t have time or the artistic inclination to be able to capture the whiteboard after a meeting a quick snapshot with my phone solves the problem. I now have a camera roll on my phone tracking all the design decision on my project.

One that I haven’t found a use for yet - the single rack only setting on my dishwasher. I can’t imagine that it saves that much water either.

Why would I need a digital clock on my stove, coffee maker, fridge, DVD player, cell phone, TV, stereo, et all… It’s like we need to know, to the micro-scond, the exact time whichever way our eyes are turned.

A couple of years ago I removed the 'caps lock" button from my keyboard, I was tired of hitting it accidentally, one of my supervisors questioned me about that, and the next day when I came to work, it was back on my keyboard!

My AR-15 has a forward assist. I’ve never used it. Not really sure why it is even there.

CTRL + ALT +any arrow key, will flip the screen in Windows.

Useful for practical jokes, but it’s hard to imagine this being useful to most people.

What’s an AR-15 and what is forward assist supposed to do?

The AR-15 is the civilian version of the military M-16 rifle. The forward assist is used to seat the round in the chamber, as the weapon supposedly has a problem doing this all by itself on occasion. The only time I ever used it was when inserting a fresh magazine and releasing the bolt, to make sure the first round was seated.

Actually, it’s useful if you want to show someone something on a laptop screen without having them over your shoulder. I’ve used this feature before to show picture slideshows and websites. It’s also good if you have a projector that isn’t or can’t be oriented correctly; it’s easier to flip the laptop screen than it is to flip the projector.

Likewise, the dashboard dimmer is helpful if you need to have the car on or at least run the battery, but you don’t want a lit dashboard distracting you. I do this at drive-in movie theaters when I want to watch the screen.

SysReq is used on my KVM to switch between computers (multiple computers sharing one Keyboard, Mouse, and Video.

Thanks! I was just curious.

My contribution to the thread: 1st or 2nd gear on any automatic transmission vehicle. I guess there’s a theoretical purpose for those to be there, and I’m sure some people use them, but I’m not one of them.

I used to use pause when playing Doom deathmatch. Seems a bit specific, but I played a lot of Doom back in high school.

I also use the dash dimmer on unlit roads. It’s really bright when there’s no other light around.

Uh… Wouldn’t you just turn off your headlights?

With that said, I do sometimes use it on night time drives.

And a count down alarm on a watch is great for cooking. I use my phone for this also.

As far as I can see, its a good way of getting dust, dirt and road noise into your car…plus it removes about 2" of headroom.
I have one-never open it.

If you live in a mountainous area, you use them quite often on steep downgrades.

When driving long distances at night, I like to keep the dashboard lights very low - or even off – to reduce distractions and eyestrain.

The Scroll Lock key gets a lot of use in software that isn’t very esoteric. (Excel, for example.) The break key, too. I haven’t used SysReq for its original purpose with any regularity since about 1995, but I hit that bad boy several times a day to take screengrabs.
Now, my contribution for inexplicable/useless features:

In the closet of the master bedroom in my apartment, there is an electrical timer built into the wall, with a three-way switch for ON/OFF/TIMER and a timing dial. I only recently discovered that this controls the exhaust fan in the bathroom, just in case you want to override the switch that’s you know… in the bathroom, and instead have the fan turn on and off at pre-determined times and schedule your showering and pooping accordingly. :confused:

Re: the dashboard dimmer. My Saturn had a feature where you could brighten the dash lights over and above the high setting. I thought this was odd until I was in bright sunlight one day, which washed out the digital display; flick the switch and it was bright and clear again.

1> I like to keep the dash lights lower than “glare in my face”
2> If you’ve ever done any cross-country night driving, it is a godsend.

I have used the scroll lock. I used to be a programmer.

I use Pause/Break fairly often. It is useful for halting scrolling output in DOS windows. Yes, many people still need to use DOS screens even within Windows.