What does (((((this)))) mean?

I see on the internet a lot, someone trying to be supportive of someone else by typing their name like ((((((this)))). What is this supposed to men?



A twitchy finger? :smiley:

yeah, its a hug extended to the other person.

((((punches to the face))))

Try to hit the brow ridge.


wait. That’s not the von Neuman natural number construction?

(((((Squeeze the Life Out of You)))))

It’s a secret code among Lisp programmers.

Only if it’s written {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}.

That’s just two arms on each side.



Yes. Someone’s name has to go in the center.


It means that the message is ((((in stereo)))).

Still wrong. Should be {{hugs}, {{hugs}}, {{hugs}, {{hugs}}, {{hugs}, {{hugs}}, {{hugs}, {{hugs}}}, …}. You’ve got the Zermelo Hug Construction.


Since the question has been answered, and this is now mostly jokes, let’s move this over to IMHO.

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I thought ,!, meant hugs.