What does this option do? (On a sports video website)

I found this website an excellent place to watch English Premiership rugby.
It’s not live (but is free :cool: ), and the full match video is usually posted within a couple of days of the match.

Here’s a typical match video on screen @

I can easily adjust the sound and the screen size. :slight_smile:
There’s just one thing that baffles me! :confused:
On the bottom right of the screen is a button (shaped like a rectangle) that says “start casting”.
What does it do?!
(I’ve tried clicking and the computer pauses (apparently trying to do something…)

Do put me out of my misery!

Probably Google Chromecast. It allows you to stream from your devices to your TV.

With that label, I’d expect it to be platform agnostic, so Google or Apple or even just built into your TV.

But, yeah, it means “casting” the video from your device to a TV.

If you have smart device/TV that’s on the same network as the PC and paired to it, you can stream the video to it.

Great site!

Now find me a web site to watch International Rugby on. We bought a couple of games ala carte during the last World Cup, but that wasn’t cheap (had the neighbor guys over at 4 am for the finals… and strong coffee).

Thanks all!
I currently link my computer to my TV to watch the rugby just using a cable, but it’s interesting to hear about alternatives.

Digs, I guess you’re not in the UK, so I don’t know if you can access the BBC iplayer sports site, which has loads of sport (including full 6 Nations matches and highlights of the Pro 14.)