What does this shipping info mean?

I ordered a sweet knife for my Dad from thinkgeek.com on Monday 6/19. It appears they are doing inventory and this is causing some minor shipping delays. Fine.

I asked for DHL shipping since it was cheap and I don’t need it that quick. I received the following message in my email order confirmation:

Huh? Doesn’t this mean the same as “Your order will ship after Monday 6/26?” If so, why not just say that? Since this is a site run by self-proffessed geeks, I imagine that I’m missing something. Maybe it means “We’ll ship it on Saturday if we’re done with inventory, otherwise we’ll finish on Monday and ship it afterward.” Would DHL even be able to accept a low priority package on a Saturday? If they said “Your order will ship after Monday 6/26”, I’d understand.
So, what do they mean exactly, and does it make sense for them to have phrased it this way?

My interpretation is “If we’re done with inventory before closing on Friday, we’ll ship it on Friday. If not, we’ll ship it on Monday.”

I would think it means expect the worse.

The delivery guy is going to stab me with the knife I ordered? :eek:

I read it to mean “We hope to have the inventory done by 6/23 but are giving ourselves fudge time to 6/26. “

That way you can start looking for the knife around 6/27 (if shipped 6/23) or later. However, you can’t get mad at them if it is shipped latter because they told you if might be later.

I agree, it means we can’t ship till were finished. Corporate accounting is a little more tightly watched these days. The last thing you want is an independent auditor to come in and find “grey areas” in your accounting like orders picked and shipped after a count was done on an item but before an auditor arrived.