What does this symptom mean - thumping pulse

Most of the time, after physical exertion, I can hear my pulse thumping pretty loudly in the back of my head. I am 22 years old and have injured that area before weightlifting (was reasting the bar too far up the spine on squats and then was looking down while doing deadlifts when I strained something). That was three years ago and was nothing that a couple months couldn’t heal. But, the reason I mention it is because it could be the reasoning behind this.

I used to have headaches along with this thumping, but ever since I got my upper wisdom teeth out 3 months ago, the headaches are much less noticeable, but still sometimes faintly there.

Without dragging this out anymore, is this a bad sign? There is no real pain and I feel very good after cardio, generally speaking. But, could it be a problem waiting to happen some time down the road? Or is it normal?


Bounding pulse=thumping in head=normal???