What does this word mean to you

There is a common English word. I’d like to know what people think it means. Please give me list of synonyms for this word. Please note, I’m asking for OPINIONS here. Tell me what YOU think the word means.

Don’t look it up in a dictionary or Thesaurus.

Don’t look at anyone else’s list before posting your own.

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And the word is:


I’ll explain the reason for the question later, when I’ve seen some responses.

Knee-jerk thought is the old-fashioned “heavenly,” with the strict astronomical meaning a close second.

  1. (adj) Pertaining to the astronomical objects can be observed in the night sky.

  2. (adj) Pertaining to Heaven in the sense of it being located in or above the sky; “the angels are celestial beings.”

of or pertaining to heaven

Heavenly. Either spiritually or as a reference to the stars.

Of the heavens.

Relating to the skies or the (hypothetical) heavens.

pertaining to heavenly bodies?

Thanks for the replies so far.

Just to clarify:

Don’t just stop at one synonym. Give all the meanings you know for the word.

And please use spoiler boxes.

Of the heavens. Containing stars. Of the biblical heaven, as a reference to the real galaxies.

Edit to add: Considering what ads showed up when I dictionary’d the word, I think I can guess where you’re going with this. And it’s not something I’d thought of, either.

Something above the atmosphere.

Of, or referring to the stars and night sky.


That’s all I can think of for now. Basically it means pertaining to the sky or the stars.[/spoiler]

starry, night sky-ie, heavenish


“heavenly”, typically when discussing concepts in Far Eastern/Asian religions or philosophies

The best synonym I could think of would be heavenly

eta:I think some people use it to describe anything up in space. So they call astronomical objects celestial. But I think the word refers to a spiritual location - heaven as a place up above us not things that are in orbit. And by extension it can be applied to heaven-like objects in other locations - celestial gardens or celestial beings.

Of, or relating to, the stars.

[spoiler]Celestial - having to do with the sky, generally the night sky

Stars, planets, etc.

Oops, a synonym… atmospheric - no… maybe “galactic”?


heavenly; also relating to the stars/planets. I don’t think there can be too long of a list; that’s what it means (to me). What else could it mean?