The Clouds of Magellan are just passing by.

Both of them!

I’m not sure how everyone else feels about this, but I am pissed. First it’s Astroweenies changing the pronunciation Uranus, out of fear of eight year old boys, then Pluto gets demoted. So now where is the neighborhood going? It’s going away, that’s what’s happening!

Immutable Heavens my ass!


Moving thread from IMHO to The BBQ Pit.

Now that this in the Pit, I can say… Fuck you immutable heavens.

I saw this thread and started singing the Rolf Harris song, - The Court Of King Caractacus.

Damn you, Triskadecamus, that’s going to be with me all night.

Unrelated to the OP but fitting to this thread, let me just say FUCK YOU to 253 Mathilde. I hate that fucking asteroid.

Okay, I’ll bite. How ELSE do you pronounce Uranus?

The Clouds of Magellan are passing by, better than Magellan passing gas clouds.

CanvasShoes, what was “your-ANus” has become “YUHR-enus.”
I say; can we call hims Ouranos (“Oor-uhnohs” AFAIK)? It’s the original Greek version, but if we’re going to change the pronunciation everyone’s using to avoid lame jokes, then why not go for the cool one. Besides, Uranus didn’t really have much of a footprint in mythology as far as the Romans were concerned, IIRC. He was more relevant to the Greeks’ version of things.


Bah. By the time they leave, we’ll all be dead anyway. Quit yer bitchin’!

It´s been changed to be less offensive, now it´s Urectum*…

*Shamelessly stolen from Futurama.

Maybe I’m showing my ignorance here, but … haven’t there always been two Magellanic clouds?

(except that I thought they were the “Greater” and “Lesser” Magellanic clouds. “Large” and “small” do sound a bit - um - proletarian?)

Because some assholes started making fun of the Anglicization of Uranus as a homonym of “your anus,” the uberpedants got pissy and demanded it be pronounced “urinous.”

The past few years, I’ve also heard people pronouncing the word “pianist” as pi-AN-ist, to avoid the chance resemblance to the word “penis”.

ETA: And fuck Phobos, and Demos, fuck 'em right in their largest impact craters. Grotesquely misshapen little so-called “moons”. Give me a break.

C’mon, people, where’s the hate for Kohoutek? I loathe that fuckin’ comet, man. The pathetic panda bear face, the desexualized coma, the palpable loserdom. I’m glad we won’t have to put up with that thing again in my lifetime. SEE YOU IN HELL, KOHOUTEK!

Yes there have. But until very recently (in human terms) it was thought that the Small and Large Magellenic Clouds (SMC and LMC) were gravitationally bound to the Milky Way, and that they would eventually fall into our Galaxy and merge. Now, through careful measurement it turns out that they’re not bound to our Galaxy (yet, but they may in the future, by which I mean astronomical scale future). Not that it makes much difference to us on human timescales though, its just interesting to know.

Oh and Pluto was MISclassified in the first place, in my professional opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve looked at Clouds of Magellan from both sides now.

from up and down and still somehow

From 9th grade science I recall

I still say Ur-Anus after all

This is a pit thread? :confused:

I can’t believe we’re still allowed to call them the Magellanic Clouds. They aren’t clouds, you know, and if we can’t call a tidal wave a tidal wave we can’t call a galaxy a cloud. And Magellan was a pretty un-PC dude, being a Eurocentric invader of the Philippines and all that.

By the way, they say that the view of the Milky Way from the non-Magellanic non-clouds totally kicks ass.

They’ve desexualized comas?!?! Well forget the World According to Garp and Kill Bill then.