What does TLC stand for?

There’s this ad in the paper for sail boats. On one of them, it makes mention of its stats but then it says, “Needs TLC.” Is it referring to a particular part or is “TLC” some nifty acronym for a witty phrase?

Tender Loving Care. Means that it needs a lot of work, it’s a “fixer-upper”.

TLC - Tender Loving Care - basically it is a fixer upper.

TLC also is The Learning Channel but i don’t think thast appies here.

dang it ** Valgard ** I would have beaten you but Noooo I have to add witty reparte. Curses

Tables, Ladders and Chairs?

T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli?

Thin Layer Chromatography?

tongue loves chilli?

Totally Lame Comments.

TLC is also commonly used as an abbreviation for Thermo Luminescent Counter (used in measuring radiation levels).