What does TWPM mean? Or what Could it mean?

TWPM could be That Was Pretty Mischievous

TWPM could be They Were Prime Ministers

TWPM could be The Worst Party Music

TWPM could be Typed With Passionate Mystery

These all must be wrong. Any better WAGS?


They Were Pre-Menstral.

Terrible Wombat Party Managers.

That Was Probably Me.

That Which Pre-dates Mud.

In other words, fuck if I know.


You aren’t EVEN close!

Also, Mu Mu, you might want to give posters a heads up about what you are talking about…

Typing: Words Per Minute?

Timidly Wanting Peer Mounting

Truly Wanting Pornographic Material

Thrilling Women Perfectly Mastered

Testimony Worhtless: Perennially Mean

The Woman’s Perfect? Mwahahahaha <— disbelieving laugh

The Way People Masturbate?

To World Peace Man?

Tetragrams Will Produce Madness? (think about it)


Typing Was Pretty Messy

Too Wide Penis Man?
Too Wet Pink Muff?

Two Wild Penguins Mating?
Tractors With Perpetual Motion?
Tommy Wet Pajamas, Mommy?
That Woman’s Pants Melted!?
There Went Papa’s Manacle?

Thong wearers post more!
Too witty! Puked milk!
Toilet, where’s papers? Mook!
Talking While Post Mortem.

Thtar Warth: Phantom Menathe

hahahahahahaha not even close

If someone actually gets it I will gladly give you the whole story behind it…

This Was Pretty Meaningless.

That Woman Pleases Me.

That Which Protects Me.

That Which Pursues Me.

That Which Produces Meals.

Those Women Procure Meat.

These Waves Pound Mexico.

Those Women Pummel Men.

Theodore Walter Peaches Moran.

Thomas Wilkins Preaches Monday.

This Woeful Person Missed.

Tom Wopat’s Potty Mouth.

Two women? Purple member!