What does your favorite album say about you? (Snarky)

I was perusing Comedian Christian Finnegan’s website last night and came across the four articles he wrote entitled “What My Favorite Album Says About Me”. A four part humorous collection that rips on some of the big ones (with a lot missing.)

Here are links to the PDFs First Second Third and Fourth

Here’s a quick sampling:

As for my favorite album… I’d probably say:

Patty Griffin-Living with Ghosts: If you don’t mind blowing out the Pier One vanilla candles, I’d like to put on some patchoulli and watch the Lifetime movie channel.

This one was my favorite:

Funny stuff!

The jokes about the new albums are funny, but the punchline to every single classic rock album is a variation on “I’m old.” Sheesh. Don’t Franz Ferdinand and The Hives have new albums out? How 'bout a comparison of the listeners of Modest Mouse and Danger Mouse? Polyphonic Spree and Bjork?

I’ve never heard any of those albums. What’s that say about me?

Not to mention that every single metal album apparently insinuates that you’re gay. That’s so clever. :rolleyes:

Did he forget that Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, or Pink Floyd existed? Or was he just not able to be snarky about them? No mention of Dave Brubeck, nothing about the Beastie Boys… I mean, okay, he only had a few slots, but he did about seven modern Top-40 singer/songwriter albums, all with basically the same punchline.

I did, however, enjoy the 1-2-3 punch that finished up with Hootie. Good old Hootie.

My favorite CD (Guster - Lost and Gone Forever) isn’t on there. But these two are the closest:

REM - Automatic For The People: There was a time when I wanted to affect global change. These days, I just want health insurance.

Hootie and the Blowfish - Cracked Rear View: I am an investment banker with a loving, faithful wife.

Pizzicato Five: Happy End of the World: I am in deep denial of both my suburban caucasian American upbringing and my sexual orientation.

Emergency Broadcast Network: Telecommunication Breakdown: We are a nation of pop culture idiots blind to the political atrocities committed by our “leaders” and oh wait this next song has a bass-line that is totally sick.

Art of Noise: In No Sense? Nonsense: I have a deep nostalgia both for the real music of the 80’s, not that cheesy pop crap; and also the “orchestral hit” sample.

Chemical Brothers: Dig Your Own Hole: I become aware of music only after there’s been a Spike Jonze video on VH-1. Also, I acknowledge that this is nothing more than a water pipe intended for tobacco use only.

Morcheeba: Parts of the Process: I’m so very, very tired.

Well if we’re making ones up now…

Guster - Lost and Gone Forever - Why yes, I was in college from 1999-2001, why do you ask?

Sublime - 40oz to Freedom - What was the question?

Of all the albums he had listed, my favorite was Firehose’s “Ragin’, Full on”

What does that say about me?

“I used to rule the airwaves on WHPR, Hampshire College Radio”

And his listing for the Kings of Leon made me laugh (god, they are horrible):

“I am what happens when irony falls into the hands of the witless” :smiley:

I don’t have a favorite album: I’m afraid of commitment.

Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me: I’ve been known to iron my jeans.

My husband likes this album and he irons his jeans. Too funny.

Please forgive the double-post, but I just saw this one:

Various Artists Sedated in the Eighties: I’m not so much a fan of music as I am a fan of my own life, specifically the period of my life that these songs remind me of.

This has me nailed! Well, except for the part about not being a music fan. But I do listen to some pretty bad eighties stuff solely for the nostogia factor.

Misuse of PDFs like that is what causes the misguided Pit thread.