What Doper/Dopers would you buy a drink for?

Being that many of us have been around here a while, have formed on-line and real life friendships, enjoyed certain other’s posts and posting styles, gotten in some great arguments, etc… What poster/s would you buy a drink for if you had the opportunity? (Being that a good size chunk of us meet at gatherings, you may end up buying whom you mention a drink if they attend ;))


Cecil Adams [sub]or is that Ed Zotti?[/sub] (well I gotta mention him first since he got me here and has entertained me with his articles)

Techchick (we’re buddies and know each other too well…I already bought her a drink in Vegas :D)

Satan&DrainBead (a nice friendly pair, I have enjoyed their posts)

A handful of people in General Questions (whom, a.) nail posed questions often, and b.) know their stuff)

Neuro-trash grrrl (even though she hasn’t been around for months, she is one of my favorite posters, and, given the opportunity I’d buy her drinks all night :p)

Everyone who went to the Vegas gathering (I was the winner in Vegas so I should have bought everyone drinks. I would’ve, but I won in the last instants we were there. Maybe next year ;))

Opalcat and Shayna (given both have made large contributions in creating doper websites)

All the Administrators and Moderators that put up with me while I was trolling (–especially that Eutychus guy, whose forum I took over for a while ;))

Coldfire (very well spoken and one of the more diverse posters. If I visit Amsterdam, I’m gonna get high and pay 'em a visit :D)

Diane (just to see what would happen afterwards…:p)

aha (he has entertained me a number of times)

Mr. Cynical (well I’m sure if I bought him a drink he’d buy me one too ;))

Whammo (bet he’d be funny after a few brews…)

Esprix (good poster, and hey, doesn’t everyone wanna buy him a drink after the exhaustive “Ask The Gay Guy” threads)

…A number of the SD-ladies



I know I’m missing a handful of people, so if you meet me at a gathering and I buy you a drink, you can say “hey! You forgot to put me on your list!”)

Quick, somebody buy me a drink! I’m dying of thirst :smiley:

I’ve already promised to buy one for Aglarond on Saturday.
I guess i’d buy one for iampunha, Whammo, evilbeth, Giraffe, JimB… i think of more later

Twistyskates and Tatertot, for helping me name my dog.
Anthracite, my future cyber-intended.
rjk, Sqrlcub, I love your hearts.
Wally, any time - any place.

Well, so far it looks like I’ll be well on my way to getting smashed!

I cannot possibly name everyone but since I know people look at these threads just to see if their name is mentioned (is that bad grammar or what?), I will make a short list:

Silo–just to show him that I completely sincere about thinking he’s really a cool guy.

Palmyra–for letting me officiate her virtual wedding! That’s what receptions are for!

tatertot–for just being really cool, amazingly friendly, and quite a conversationalist! Here’s to ovulation!

purplebear–for hugs and support and being a great person.

Satan–do I need to give a reason? He’s great!

Euty–because I think he is cute and wonderful!

Homer–actually, I think Homer gets enough to drink but I would really like to meet him!

Crunchy Frog–has had a not-too-great year and he deserves a drink!

TwistofFate–for saying a wonderfully nice thing about me in another thread–I really appreciated it!

Coldfire–because even though he denies it, he’s a legend!

Kricket–because we have alot in common and she deserves a drink with the year she’s had!
There are many more. I’ll be back!

Ok, everybody, all together now! A one, an’ a two, an’

I’d like to buy the Board a Coke…

(ducks and runs)

I’d definitely have to buy DRY and Chef Troy drinks and lots of them. Those guys are smooth as glass and veteran flirters. (that is, if I was old enough!)

} <----- It’s a beer.
} for Satan, just for being his bad-ass self.

} for Coldfire, for just generally being legendary.

} for tiggeril, because she cyber-proposed to me and she’s going to need to be drunk to deal with me.

} for Shirley Ujest, for being my running mate in the SDMB presidential election.

} for Crunchy Frog, so he can deal with the fact that the NLCS didn’t turn out the same way it did on his Playstation.

} for mega the roo, just for the Man-Pickle thread

I would buy Democritus a beer, because he found another cool translation of my sig, and because he wears a kickass Malificent hat. :wink:

Short answer: everyone! That’s right, if you’re a Doper and we meet up IRL, ask me to buy you a drink and I will. I’m easy.

Longer answer:

Satan, for being such a great conversationalist.

David B., for his cogent, well-articulated defenses of rationalism.

Mullinator I’d buy something very potent and borderline toxic, in a desperate effort to stunt his growth.

cmkeller, for being a fellow veteran of the Compuserve Comics Forum.

Polycarp and Triskadecamus, for being so patient with us snarky heathens.

Five. Hell, I buy myself drinks alla time anyway.

Thanks, Silo.

My short list? All my queer buds - Sqrlcub, lissener, goboy, techchick and anybody else I just forgot (you know who you are, and so do the rest of us).

Every single frickin’ Moderator and Administrator - one on me, lads n’ lasses.

Wally. {sigh}

Doobieous. :wink:

The two het boys I have such a crush on, SkySlash and ChrisP One Kenobe, just to watch 'em squirm. :smiley:

And last, but certainly not least, my paramour au francias, matt_mcl, mais bien sur. :wink:

Anyone to whom I have ever said, “You crack me up.” :slight_smile:

I’m missing tons, but it’s a start. Shirley Temples all around, barkeep!


Silo---- _/ Slainte!

to the tune of the “All the countries in the world song” by Animaniacs- (note I could only think of three verses!- I’d buy you ALL a drink)

JC and Demo and Alpha and nemo
Bethand Canadian Sue,
Coldy and Silo, psycat and Milo,
whammo and mega the roo!

Yojimbo and Tater, and for Navagator,
Doobie and mattMCL,
spooje, libby and Glee,
Chef Troy, Esprix,
Shayna and Techchick aswell!

lissner and goboy, Mr Cynical/Portnoy
opal and David B,
Rasa and tiggirl, Atracite and Biggirl,
Primaflora and lynn Bodoni.


TwistofFate, I owe ya one! Tchuss.

I’d love to buy a drink for Aglarond. Definitely.

Any of the Dallas Dopers.

And Magdelene for always talking about her breasts when I’m feeling down. :slight_smile:

So many . . .

little*bit in hopes of getting her tanked and trying out that rolling around in the blacklights thing :wink:
Tally-Ho for being so kind as to boost my ego by being my virtual stripper-mistress
Shayna cuz she’s been a good friend since I’ve been here
purplebear and evilbeth for being nice to me
Coldfire one of my favorite posters on the boards
Homer a fellow Missourian and maybe I can get him drunk enough to start another monkey butler thread. Can’t we re-open that thread, mods? PLEEEASE!?
Zenster another of my favorite posters
yojimbo, tatertot, Stoidela for their kind emails
aha has made me laugh out loud more than once
Satan and Drain Bead the coolest couple on the boards
Rachelle who says she got me drunk and took advantage of me. Time to repay the favor :wink:
all the mods and admins
and last but not least . . .
CECIL ADAMS maybe if I got him drunk, he’d finally welcome me to the boards! (I haven’t forgotten, you know! Plan C is still in the works, I’m just looking for the right child to exploit)

Courtsey of “National Lampoon” (I always credit whomever I steal from)—

"I’d like to buy the Board a drink
And give it hugs and stuff!
Then pull its pants down to its knees
And chase it through the rough!
I’d tie it up with chicken wire
And search its purse for change—
Then leave it out in Central Park
With a mugger who’s deranged . . . "

I’d buy a few drinks…

Esprix…just cause :wink:

teckchick…cause she’s got no paties on :wink:

Coldfire…cause I love the sarcasm! :slight_smile:

Satan…I crave the cynicism. :smiley:

Whammo…cause he’s got to be one hell of a funny drunk! :stuck_out_tongue:

lotsa others…too many to mention :eek: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Evilbeth for being so common sensical
Satan and drainy
And my best friend Ultress
And crunchy frog
John corrado who brought me to my senses and pulled me out of a nest of trolls one time.
Pepperland girl

ummmm and soooo many more

I owe Strainger and Padeye and Padeye’s squeeze Anne a drink, since they insisted on paying for the drinks during the Phoenix mini-fest. BTW, where are those pics, Padeye! (I know, I know, I can take 2 weeks to email 'em to you, but I expect 'em on the board in zippy time!)

I would like to buy myself a drink, and let you all taste of its frosty goodness.