What Dudes in history would you have boffed?


Elvis Presley would have been mine. Oh, yes, he would have been mine.

Oh, absolutely!

and Charles Ponzi.

My wife freely admits that if Michael Collins, the Irish rebel leader and general, had been available I wouldn’t have stood a chance.


I hear Jesus was pretty hot…he occasionally used his powers on the ladies.

Marlon Brando and Richard Brautigan. Not necessarily at the same time.

I have always felt a distinctly pleasurable twinge in my lady bits when I contemplate David Foster Wallace

I am a huge DFW fanboy and can see the appeal from a guy’s POV. By the same token, I have read the biography written by D.T. Max and some of Mary Karr’s writing (DFW pursued her relentlessly, and got her, for a period of time). He sounded like a complex carnival ride - all immersive, dysfunctional, etc.

One of those Be Careful What You Wish For type of situations :wink:

I’ve always had a thing for Tsar Nicholas II.

I’ve always kinda had a thing forIsaac Newton. Both as a young man and in middle age. Whatever the speculations about his sexuality–or lack thereof–I know I coulda made a man outta him.

Grand Duchess Tatiana Romanov. Second and smartest daughter of Nick and Alix.

Very true - I suspect the “don’t let the crazy stick his dick in you” corollary was applicable in his case. So it’s a good thing I was never in his class when he was an adjunct professor fooling around with his students. Depending on what he was like in person, I don’t know if I would have had the strength to resist.

Yep. A friend of mine was a junior prof in English while David was teaching at Pomona College. They didn’t talk much, but being in the general vicinity was intoxicating, apparently. The sharing of DFW’s syllabi was a big event, because of all of the notes and commentary included. Yet another data point that he came across as a force of nature.

Che Guevara.

Woof woof.

Miyamoto Musashi. But by boff I mean “duel with foam swords”. I want to see if he can use a toy sword as well as a real one. My name is boffking because I run a group where we fight with foam weapons.

William Tecumseh Sherman.

Brandon Lee forever and ever! If I had the chance before he died, I would have locked us in a room together for days and days… :smiley:

On a side note, I feel soooo bad for Eliza every time I think of what happened to him.

He looks like Kenneth Branagh in those pictures.

If we’re going with dead commies, I personally think Lenin was hella hot. Bald, sure, but that piercing gaze and slightly demonic beard…

Nathaniel Hawthorne