What Historical Figure do you have a crush on?

Inspired by my Glenn Miller Thread, I’d like to ask Dopers what figures in History do you have the hots for?

As I’ve stated, mine are Glenn Miller and King Aleksandar of Yugoslavia (1888-1934).

None. However, my last year’s American History textbook had a photograph of a group of cowboys from like 1887 or something, and the only one whose face looked clear was really, really hot. My friends and I all lamented the fact that he was born over 100 years too early or we were born 100 years too late.

I always thought Francis Scott Key was a hottie. Gen. John Mosby, “Gray Ghost” of the Confederacy, wasn’t bad either (without the beard). The Duke of Wellington was cute too.

If I were gay, it would be Jim Morrison, of course. But I’m not. So…

Hmmm…I’d have to say that Jackie Kennedy Onassis was quite the woman back in the 1960’s.

The MODEL for MICHELEANGELO’S “DAVID”. Oh man!!! (tho I wish he wasn’t frowning)

Also—the EMPEROR HADRIAN’S boyfriend. Ya know; the one that drowned in the Nile? I’ve seen pictures of his statue, and he was GEORGEOUS.

Not based on looks–Thomas Jefferson and Ghengis Khan. Obviously, my attraction to these rather incongruous men comes from two separate parts of my very odd psyche, but hey, attraction isn’t logical.

And I also wouldn’t mind spending time with the model for David, an excellent suggestion exchicagoan!

Voltaire’s lover, the Marquise du Chatelet. Beautiful if the portraits mean anything, and capable of explaining Newton’s Principia. No personal modesty, a love for poetry, and addicted to gambling. An exciting woman, to say the least.

Is Milan Kundera an historical figure? 'cuz I’ve definitely go the hots for him (his writing, anyway - and he’s not bad-looking, either). If only I could be in my life the way his characters are in theirs …

(for those of you who are unfamiliar, he’s the Czech who wrote The Unbearable Lightness of Being - my favorite book forever)

i’ve always kinda had a thing for pythagoras. guys with number skills are so hot.

Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria-Hungary, and whoever modeled for Titian’s “Portrait of a Young Englishman” [sigh . . . ].

The French babe who rode the horse naked (Lady Godiva, or Joan of Arc)? Helen of Troy. Seven of Nine.

Eleanor of Aquitaine, and her granddaughter, Eleanor Plantagenet, wife of a certain Simon de Montfort.

**Neysa McMein **(1888-1949). Magazine and advertising illustrator, and portrait artist. Famous wit. 1920s NYC woman-about-town. Free Love adherent. Popularizer of the parlor game “Charades.” One of the first women to fly in a Zeppelin. And she was simply gawgeous.

Dang it, Montfort you beat me to it. Eleanor was to good of a woman for Henry. Any woman willing to ride naked into battle, in rebellion against her husband and king; there is a woman with enough spirit for me. Although I doubt tranquil would be a defining characteristic of the relationship.

Lizzie Borden. She was just a little misunderstood. I have no doubt that I could…ease her pain.

Ummm, from what I’ve read, Albert, I would have better luck with Lizzie Borden than you would (that’s me over there in the corner, with an Austrian Archduke and a 16th-century British guy fighting over me).

Thomas Jefferson here, too. For so many reasons. Such the renaissance man, so incredibly well-read, the founder of U-VA.

And if I were a lesbian, I’d be all over Eleanor Roosevelt like white on rice. When we were at the FDR memorial, watching people touch her statue, I started to get teary-eyed!

That’s quite disarming.[sup]*[/sup]
*[sub]Oh shit, not this again…[/sub]

After reading Anya Seton’s “Katherine”, I had the worst crush on John of Gaunt for the longest time. That is, until I found out he’s one of my ancestors. Now I feel like I had a crush on my grandfather or something :frowning:

For that matter, Prince Llewelyn ab Iorwerth in “Here be Dragons” was the absolute pinicle of a man…and I confess to a certain fascination with Cesare Borgia, but I’m not sure if that counts as a crush…

Let me know when someone invents time travel-I have a plan to go back in time, take Glenn OFF the plane, and put Ronald Reagan on it.