A one-night stand with anyone from the past

No pulling the “But I’m/they’re married!” card. You get a free pass with anyone from the past (no one living, that’s a different thread), just the two of you for a few hours. You can hang out at your place or theirs.

If she had been a real person I might go with Helen of Troy, at her place. I’ve only seen how different people have depicted her, but from her reputation she sounds like fun.

In reality (even though it might seem like it a common answer) off the top of my head I’d go with Marilyn Monroe. I’m a fan of the hourglass figure. :cool:

I’m going with the very definition of GGG: Ms. Tallulah Bankhead.

Betty Page.

Princess Diana.

Because it’d be cool to fuck royalty.

I can’'t think of anyone beyond Grace Kelly.

Jesus Christ.

I mean, that’s my answer. Because how awesome would that be? (Seriously, I’m asking; how awesome would it be? I would like to find out.)

Danny Kaye is so mine.

That is an amazing answer. One of the great reasons to visit SDMB is the fun and outre quips!
What would that be like? After all, He is omniscient, omnipotent, and apparently omnipresent. He would be as skilled as He wished Himself to be.

It occurs to me you may not survive the experience. Not that that would be a bad thing . . . .

**Cleopatra **- may not have been hot, but she got Caesar, Marc Antony and others to do her bidding; I would be interested in finding out how…:wink:

[Bill Withers]

I wanna spread the news that if it feels this good gettin’ used - just keep on using me until you use me up…[/Bill Withers]

His mother would be more interesting to me – especially the implication of destroying a big part of Roman Catholic doctrine in the process.

ETA: But perhaps not – my wife, who is a Catholic, would never forgive me.

[Wipes coffee off monitor]

Being omnipotent he would also know exactly what you want. I don’t think it says anywhere in the New Testament that he was celibate . . .

Someone once said, and it fits here, “the only sins I regret are the ones I didn’t commit.”
It would have been my wife’s girlfriend. If only I didn’t have a moral compass.

Jim Henson. One of the few real life people I’d like to tumble.

Just saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Audrey Hepburn for me please

While she’s pregnant. There’s all sorts of naughty hell written all over that.

I’d have to go with Marilyn.

Monroe, that is. Not Manson.

Abraham Lincoln. Because let’s settle this once and for all. Is he interested? Or was he just doing his husbandly duty?

Bobby Seale. Peter Tosh.

Alma Mahler apparently had something going for her.

Dammit. The clip misses Lehrer’s spoken introduction which supplies some context, here’s a bit of it…

I don’t want to list the whole intro, you really need to hear it with Tom’s timing.

Ah ha! Here you go.

Evelyn Nesbit, but I’d want a bulletproof vest or a guarantee that she’s the only visitor from the past to reincorporate.

Mitochondrial Eve, because I want to make a difference.