If you could have sex with one celebrity who would it be?

I’m definitely going to have to go with Ashley Judd.

Boringly - Mine would be Ms Spears.

Or maybe Brittany Murphy.

No, wait, sod those - Piper Perabo!

Charlize Theron

Clarification: Is Lauren Bacall “in her prime” eligible?

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

Oh. Yeah.

Elijah Wood.


Agreed. Especially over C-3P0.

Just one? Sheesh.

Jeremy Irons.

Gwen Stefani. It’s the voice that does it.

Adam Clayton, the bassist for U2. I suspect he has very nimble fingers. :slight_smile:

I can’t give a single answer -

Male: Dominic Monaghan

Female: Camryn Manheim

Kristin Kreuk

Tough one. I’d have to say Ewan McGregor. He’s yummy. :slight_smile:

Miss? Can I change my answer to what drm said?

Goran Visnjic

Anna Kournikova. So go ahead and stone me! There’s something about her that’s just…grrrrr!

Oprah Winfrey.

LL Cool J.

What I would give to show him my “O” face.

GRRR, Bye-bee!

Michael Rosenbaum.