Anyone, anytime, any way you want....

If you could have hot, sweaty, nasty, whorish, porn-star style, heavy breathing, no-holds-barred, pig sex with anyone in the whole world, who would it be?

Who would you pick to be your willing sex slave if you were the omnipotent dark overlord of the world?

Who would you pick to do you bidding in bed, given that they would do anything your twisted, kinky little mind desires?

Who would you choose to live out your deepest, darkest, most private sexual fantasies with?
Eh? Who would I choose? That’s easy…

Anna Kournikova.

Oh yeah.

First answer that popped into my mind:
Allyson Hannigan

Upon further reflection, oh yeah, Allyson Hannigan. :slight_smile:

[sarcasm]Ohmigod! Justin from *NSYNC!!:):D:)[/sarcasm]

Seriously, this one was hard to decide (Richard Gere, Harrison Ford, Hugh Grant), but without a doubt…

George Clooney.

That sharp, biting wit, the lovable-nice-guy attitude, the dashing style of Cary Grant, the wrinkly-at-the-eyes smile.
Oh, I can’t breathe just thinking about him!

[whisper (with slight hijack) to N4S]
Does this mean we can be friends now?
[/whisper (with slight hijack)]

[whisper]We’re we ever not friends, you intolerable, unsufferable boob?[/whisper]

I excel at forgiving and forgetting. :slight_smile:

I know that “we’re” should be a “were,” so everyone keep quiet and pretend you didn’t see it, ok?

Hmmmmm, well it’s hard to pick just one, but . . .

I think Charlize Theron is pretty hot, even though the SNL she hosted sucked, I wasn’t really watching the skits. I was transfixed by Charlize’s beauty.

There are plenty of other girls, but Charlize was the first to come to my sick little mind.

Well, Anna’s already taken…

Hmmm… I guess I’d have to say Ariel the Little Mermaid, Jessica Alba (to make all the other geeks jealous), Brad Pitt (just for the hell of it… he WAS Sexiest Man Alive twice!) and… ummm… uh… oh, to hell with it. I’m taking Anna Kournikova too.

Why, Anniz, of course. :wink:

[sub][sub][sub]Okay, she sits far away from her monitor, so she probably can’t read this: Nicole Kidman. Or Bridget Fonda. Hell, can’t I have both?[/sub][/sub][/sub]

But if I -had- to choose…
Trent Reznor. drool Wit, angst, beauty, taste, poetry. falls over at the thought

Matt Hardy from the WWF tag team The Hardy Boys rocks me too.

Uhmm. lessee… Angelina Jolie cuz while I usually feel like a nut, sometimes I dont. =)

And of course a harem of all of the lovely people at SDMB. bright smile

And I have this friend with this -tongue- that reaches down past his chin and is pierced and oh my… the things he can do with it…er… yeah…
Ive already got the pick of the litter, but Trent’s a close second.

Malkavia, how did you come up with your name?

[Vern Tessio]


Gabrielle Reece.

No question about it.
[/Vern Tessio]

Brendan Frazer. No doubt about it. ::SWOON::


Twisty. Or Omni.

Wait, famous people? Hmm…

Definitely Russell Crowe. But pre-Gladiator, more like the way he was in Proof–more realistic.

Although, Cyndar’s got something going there–Brenden Fraser is a damn close second!

Nobody famous, I’m sad to say. sigh I have to set my sights higher…

Hey, I could read the small text too.:p;)

I have to say that even if Edward Norton
or Brad Pitt knocked on my door, I should say,
no, thank you very much I only want Montfort for that.:D:)

I would have to say my wife. 8^)

Yeah, I think she reads these boards sometimes.

Christina Ricci. Is she legal, ain’t she?

Christina Richi!?! You have your pick of any woman in the world and you go with Christina Richi?

You have some issues, don’t you Uniball

For me? Anna was a good pick - attitude and beauty. Can’t go wrong with that.

Hmmm. Meg Ryan has always done something for me. She’s available and apparently pretty easy.

But when it comes down to it, I’d probably go with Catherine Zetta-Jones. Kinda has the whole thing going, beauty, accent, an exotic look. Yeah, Catherine.

Except I did have a fun dream about Brittaney Spears the other night. Wrrorrrr.

What’'s wrong with Christina Ricci? She’s cute, barely legal, smart and has a vewy nice rack on her.

I would also pick gymnast Alina Kabaeva. She’s cute AND limber.