What duvet should I buy? (Goose Down Filled)

I’m in the market to buy a goose down filled duvet. There are two statastics that vary from each one. The thread count and something, I think it’s the number of feathers per square inch or something like that. What sort of combination should I be looking at?

I felt some with a low thread count and I could really feel the pointy bits of the feathers, so I could do without that…

Any advice?


I would recommend going to the stores and feeling them for yourself. Granted, the most expensive ones are probably the best, but you might think you can live with something a little cheaper.

And just for the record, you’re talking about a down comforter, not a duvet. The duvet is a cover you put on the comforter. See Bed Bath and Beyond for more information.

I just got back from 3 shops checking them out… but I didn’t realize until I got to the 3rd one that there was a second number (the cubic inch thingy)… I had previously just been checking the thread count… I had my eyes on one and it’s on sale that ends today unfortunately… back to the mall I go :slight_smile:

As for the name, I didn’t realize there was a difference until you mentioned it, but in Canada (and the UK) it’s called a duvet… the cover is called a duvet cover oddly enough :wink:


How odd. Here in the UK where they have replaced blankets for about 25 years, a Duvet is the bit with the filling while the cover is a Duvet Cover. My French co-worker agrees and informs me that duvet is the French word for down.

Hmm… you wacky Europeon type people always have to be different, don’t you? :smiley:

Fair enough.

And just so I can feel like I really was of some assistance, here’s BB&B’s guide to selecting a down comforter/duvet.

Canadians too! I am the proud owner of both a duvet AND a duvet cover, and am therefore elegant and refined.