Duvet Covers

Hello Ya’ll.

Question for everyone. What is the difference between a Duvet Cover and a Comforter for a bed? To me, they are the same thing, but I know that they aren’t.

Can you help shed some light?

Would appreciate it!


To me, a comforter is a like a puffy quilt. A duvet cover is a cover that you place over a duvet, or down comforter. I have also seen duvet covers called comforter covers. They protect the cover, allowing you to clean that instead of the costly comforter or duvet.

Think of it as a pillowcase for your comforter.

Duvet is French for comforter.

A comforter (or duvet) is a blanket stuffed with feathers, down, or down substitute and quilted.

A duvet cover is a comforter cover. As MikeG said, a pillowcase for your duvet/comforter.

Why a duvet cover? Since comforters/duvets are difficult to wash, a washable cover is a good idea. Also, since duvets are expensive, it’s cheaper to change covers to match your decor than to get a new comforter.


BTW, just in case you didn’t know, it’s pronounced doo-VAY.

A duvet is a quilt, a duvet cover is like two bed sheets stitched together to form a pillowcase type style thing, which is then used to cover the duvet in much the same way a pillowcase covers a pillow. Duvet cases tend to have “popper” fasteners at one end, if you put this end at your feet [and you’re over 6 feet tall] they scratch your toes, if you put it the other way round [under your chin] they scratch your chin/face. All in all they’re a pain in the arse, particularly taking them on or off the duvet [the bigger the duvet, the harder a task it becomes]. Avoid them…

Have you never heard of sheets?

Some of us - like a fairly substantial chunk of Europeans - sleep wrapped up in a duvet, with no sheet underneath. The duvet cover is then a necessity, because washing the duvet itself is a major operation. Besides, a good duvet is expensive, and washing it causes it to wear out faster.

A sheet under a duvet would seem to me to be a very unstable arrangement, since the sheet is tucked in but the duvet is not. Besides, nothing beats wrapping up in soft down on a cold winter night.

I’ve never seen one here in Scandihoovia with poppers/snaps, though. They either have no fasteners at all, just cloth bands to tie, or zippers. And the openings can be on the side, too; it depends on the manufacturer.

Here in Aus duvet (or doona) covers have pop-fasteners or zips or ties to keep the feather-thingumagig inside. Generally speaking, no sheets are used as well, because the cover acts as a sheet and gets washed as frequently as sheets do.

‘Comforters’ are like bedspreads that go on TOP of all of your other bedclothes, although if you have a duvet you shouldn’t need a comforter. They are mostly used with woollen blanket sets.

The world is divided into two types of people - those who can put on a duvet cover in two minutes flat and those who take twenty minutes and then find that they are inside the cover and the duvet is on the floor. :slight_smile:

1st. Turn duvet cover inside out
2nd. Reach inside and grab the far end corners of the duvet
3rd. Grab two end corners of the duvet with the same hands that have hold of the duvet cover corners.
4th. Turn duvet cover right way around by pulling your hands back through, don’t let go of anything.

Result: Duvet is inside cover with end corners in correct place. Cover is around the right way. A couple of shakes and it’s done!

you mean I’ve been sleeping like a European all these years? I always just figured I was too lazy to put the top sheet on. (meaning no insult to anyone I swear)

The buttons are supposed to go face up (on top). You get underneath the duvet so that there’s no contact between feet and scratchy buttons.

Now, if the fasteners are at the very end (bottom side) of the duvet cover, then that’s bad engineering.


Damn! I thought I was the master of that trick! :wink:

I have tried that trick! I must be totally uncoordinated, because the duvet cover somehow just gets turned inside out, and the corners end up floating around somewhere inside.

I think you have to be tall!

no no no BluMoon!! I am not tall, I do it. You got to work your way down gradually. It’s not THAT easy, but positioning the corners is key.

Stand on the bed.

When done, jump on it and feel giddily dirty for breaking a taboo.