What Effect Will Dancing With the Stars' Popularity Have On the Networks?

To my surprise, Dancing With the Stars has turned out to be the top-rated show on the networks. (I was expecting to be an obscure little show which died a quiet death like so many I’ve enjoyed.) I was wondering a couple of things. First, why is it so popular? Is ballroom dancing really the Next Big Craze? Second, how will the networks respond to it? I’ve got no theories whatsoever about that, although I wouldn’t mind seeing fewer reality shows which focus on backstabbing and internal politics. Then again, I don’t watch the things anyway, so why should I care?

What do you folks think?


It’s summer, and there’s nothing else on.

PBS has been running ballroom dancing forever. I think if it was gonna take off, it would have during that swing craze we had a few years back (remember Zoot Suit Riot?)

My guess is the other networks will 'gin up a number of imitations, like they always do.

It’ll have the same effect as “Circus of the Stars” did in the '80’s.

The appeal for me is watching ordinary people do something they didn’t think they could do. And it’s something that just about any able-bodied person can do. You don’t need to be super-strong or athletic.

I just like watching people dance and have fun. :slight_smile:

If the “stars” could dance it might be more appealing. As it is, they are usually the brass poles the dancers dance around.

According to TV Guide, Fox (of course, it HAD to be Fox) is trying to put together a ripoff on ice. They have a list of 150 Canadian “celebrities” because they assume all Canadians can skate.

Plus, all they need to be happy is beer and poutaine.

One of the knockoffs, that was taping at a competition in Boston a couple of weeks ago, is “Ballroom Boot Camp” - it sounds like it will be somewhat like DWTS, but with non-celebrities. I’m not sure if they will be dancing with pros or with each other. But it sounds like it will appeal to you!

Happy drunks and whores!

[sub]That’s a mighty serious typo ya got there. You might be thinking of ‘poutine’[/sub]