What else am I qualified for?

OK, this is a little long and I know I probably won’t get many answers, but if anybody could give me their opinion, I’d really appreciate it. I’m feeling a little stressed and would like some job advice.

I’m about a month into a call-center job, and it’s OK, but I’m wondering if I’m cut out for it.

I’m thinking of taking some on-line classes to prepare for the possibility of either quitting or being let go. The good thing will be, it’s a temp to perm job, so if this doesn’t work out I can tell the next potential employer that my contract ran out.

My preferences would be something in IT or clerical work, but I’ll consider anything.

Here’s an overview of my experience and education. Like a resume, but shorter.

Current - Phone bank, 1 month.
2 jobs combined - 1 month experience PC setup, troubleshooting, and repair.
11.5 Years Production.

College education:
2007-2009 Network Technology
2009 - Microsoft Access 2007 (received an A)
2010 - Microsoft Excel 2007 (received an A)

Certs: A+and CCNA

Misc: I use Microsoft Word and Outlook frequently. Although with Outlook I’m pretty much only familiar with the mail portion, I am learning the calendar function.

I’m trying to think of on-line classes to take. There’s ed2go on-line learning associated with my community college. If you have any idea of classes I should take, let me know I’ll see if it’s offered. The classes last about one month each.

You’ve certainly got the education for an IT help desk job. Start from there and work your way up.

I don’t know what “Production” is, though, so I can’t help you there.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m seriously considering it. Being in a help desk position right now should help.

Manufacturing. I worked at a plant which manufactured printed circuit boards. To be honest, production work is the last thing I want to go back to though, even though it’s what I have the most job experience in.

There seems to be a lot of opportunity in networking technology. If you take online classes, avoid the unaccredited diploma-mill type schools.

a hardware man basically but also knows desk top software.

my only tip: find a job with a big institution that has little to fear from business process outsourcing.

My company has hired two IT employees in the last year and is paying for for both of their bachelor’s degrees. I think you’re qualified for an entry level IT job and if you’re interested in continuing education, you might get lucky and find an employer willing to pay for it. Your familiarity with PCB assembly should be helpful, too.

Great advice so far. Thank you. I knew when I posted this that the chances of getting any answers were slim, so I really appreciate you guys offering advice.

Although the feelings of stress about my new job are down considerably, I’m still not sure if this is the right job for me.

I think that one good thing about all this is that, if I decide to get another job then currently being employed will help since people who are employed are more valuable.