So I think I'm quitting

I have worked at this hell hole for over a year and a half. I’ve never been at a company so long, but I’m young so it is OK. They have had it out for me since the beginning. The first time I was ever late the Operations Manager took me into a room and lectured me about wether I want to keep this job or not. I’m one of two people who are still around from my training class of 26 people. It seems that I wanted this job more than anyone else… I don’t know why though. I know more than everyone else on this call center floor. I even have computer training, which is more than most of these uneducated fools here.

So why am I scared to leave? Why do I feel like I can’t get another job. I applied recently at Sprint and they declined me. Maybe that is why. I don’t know.

Now I have a resignation slip in front of me and am shaking like a leaf. I’m so scared.

I always waited to get the better opportunities by getting fired from the old, shitty ones, 'stead of quitting and going out to get them.

You go girl!

Yay ***TUBA!!!

Where you are now, they treat you badly, and undermine your self-esteem.

Can I invite you to consider that as long as you are in a situation of being undermined, you will feel worse and worse, and more likely to accept that poor opinion of yourself as close to accurate. Which it ain’t (see later)

Unless, that is, you have some other strong influence that values you and enhances your self-esteem. Family or partner, say.

So, perhaps in a way, the longer you stay in this job, the more harm you will suffer. Does that sound likely?

If so, getting out of it is essential.

If you have enough self-estem to keep applying for other jobs while remaining at the Hell-hole, you might do that and keep a sense of security going by having no period of unemployment.

If you have people, funds or gumption to support you while looking for another job, you could just walk. You’d have more time and a strong motivation to apply for other work.

Certainly it sounds like you have qualities that make you an excellent employee: you persevere in difficult circumstances, are not disruptive, have a high level of experience and education, are computer-trained, etc.

If you do well by reading books, the best book ever written on jobs, careers and all that is “What Colour is Your Parachute?”. I can’t remember the author and publisher, but you won’t need them; any good bookshop will know it.

You are taking the right steps. Feeling scared and unsettled is part of the process that can’t be avoided. Keep going ahead, and do everything you can to acknowledge that in fact, you have a good deal of control of the situation.
Okay? Sermon over, usual foolishness will now be resumed.

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tubagirl you Rock.
You are great.
Being scared of change is normal, sorry. We all get it.
You deserve to be happy.
Sometimes you need to just say WTF and leave. Other times it’s maybe better to sort out something before you leave. I don’t know what’s right for you at this time, no-one can tell you. You have to decide.
Seems pretty damn likely to me that from what you have said, however, that you need to join the escape committee right now. Just deciding to leave, and starting a definite program of alternate job-hunting may possibly make a big difference to your state of mind.
Rejection is also normal. Way I see it, if I get turned down for something it just means there is something better for me that I haven’t checked out yet.
Wish I was a counsellor or something so I could give you some really meaningful advice, but I’ll just have to settle for a hug.
Follw your dream, kid, and keep us posted, please? I’ll hold a positive thought for you, and I bet a lot of other people will too.
Good journey, dear one :slight_smile:


You aren’t working in Lansing, MI by chance are you? I had a job there working at a call center that sounds very similar to your situation. I can definately relate. You have more experience than most people at your facility, you have a management structure that I’m guessing likes to micro-manage and is very clique-ish. I say resign if you are really that unhappy, but I caution you not to burn your bridges there.

When I was working in a call center, I left and very well could have ripped management apart at my exit interview, but I decided against it because I figured that one day I may have to use somone there as a reference.

My strategy for getting time off for interviews: I started calling in sick. Hey… I figured that they were screwing me, I had every right to take a little time off for a job interview.

Hope this helps.

Best of luck, tubagirl. I just saw this link on ZDTV, techTV, whatever… I-resign
If your gonna go, you might as well go in style. I personally like the one about the guy resigning to be a cartoon character…

Well, I guess that is funny that my company has banned the web site above from use because it isn’t included in the company’s acceptable policy guidelines.

From a practical perspective.
1: Leave now before the economy really slows down.

2: Don’t Don’t Don’t…burn bridges no matter how much you may be tempted.

3: People are much more successful in environments they can have positive attitudes about.

Time to go. Don’t quit, however, until you get the next job. The most successful people have been through lot of jobs and failures and successes.

What’s the worst that can happen? That you might get a job you really like?

I’m with astro, if you are unhappy leave and do it now. But, if I remember correctly, you are on a debt reduction schedule.

Having gone through this myself, I can say that if you let yourself fall of the schedule it will be very difficult to get back on it, and before you know it may find yourself back where you started or worse (I speak from experience, “hello, my name is obfus, I am a debt-oholic and this is my third relapse”).

If you are not able to afford 6-8 weeks of unemployment without falling further into debt I would strongly recommend that you arrange a new job before resigning the current job. If my recollection about your situation is incorrect and you can afford a couple months without the money, then by all means quit and look for other work (but remember, if you are unemployed and don’t want to be, looking for work is a 40-hour per week job).

The first rule of biplane wingwalking is never let go of one guy wire until you have a good hold on the next.

The first rule of getting a job is that every new employer prefers someone who has a job.

The first rule of life is, screw the rules!

I wont be accruing any more debt than I have because I’m living with my parents. My husband is staying at the company, though he is in another department. I can’t stay here any longer, even though I don’t have another job yet. I’ve nver left a job without one already been offered to me. This is very scary. I have several applications out. One of which I should get. It will actually be a job that my husband and I will do together as foster parents at a children’s home. I hope I get that, because I"m looking for something that will give my life some meaning.

If I recall correctly, you’re living with your parents because you’re trying to pay off credit card debt. I believe in another post you also were wanting to quit your present employment.

Should I quit my job?

My advice is the same now as it was back then. If you’re in debt and I assume you haven’t paid it off in the 6 weeks since you posted that last threat (thread), you SHOULD NOT quit your job until you have something to go to.

You’re basically living off family because you’re in debt. Is it fair that they have to support you because you’re unhappy with your job? Hell no! It’s called being an adult and it means you have to do things you don’t want to do but you do them because you have to. If you’re unhappy with your job, get a new one. Don’t piss and moan about it. Do something about it!! But in the meantime, keep the job until the next one comes along.

You have credit card debts. You keep paying them until they are paid off. To pay them you have to work…regularly. Excuse me if I sound harsh but you don’t seem to understand the concept of responsibility. How are you going to help foster children when you can’t grasp that concept yourself?

Yeah, that is too harsh. My husband is still working and I gave two weeks notice because I can’t stand this job anymore. I’'ve been working since I was 14, so I do have a “concept of responsibility.” My parents are letting us live with them to help us out in paying our credit card debt. We are already paying off more than we thought we would be able to at this point. I don’t think it is right to stay at a job, that I’ve been with for a year and a half, for responsiblity sake. If the job makes me miserable, why should I stay with it when I can probly get another job, that makes more money easily. I’ve stayed at this job too long just because it was close to my home and an easy job. I can’t stay there and be harrassed by the people that are my superiors anymore.
And BTW, I wasn’t being careless when I got that credit card debt. I never used those card for anything that wasn’t nessesary. I was injured at my previous job and wasn’t getting sufficient workman’s comp, my husband had to have surgury, and I was in a car accident on top of it all.

I didn’t post this to get a tongue-lashing regarding responsibility. I was nervous last night about putting in notice and needed a little support. jeez.

Obviously you do need a lesson on responsibility because you still don’t get it. It doesn’t matter how you got the debt. The fact remains, you’re in debt. And it doesn’t matter that you have some of it paid off, you still owe. A smart person realizes that and makes smart decisions. You don’t quit a job because nobody likes you, or that you’re unhappy where you’re working.

Do you honestly think that you’re the only person in the world who doesn’t like their job? Isn’t appreciated? Hates going in? Of course not! Everyday people get up and go to work because they have bills to pay, mouths to feed, they need gas for cars, and countless other reasons.

Last month you were ready to give notice because you were convinced you were going to get a job offer. Has it even occurred to you that if you had given that notice you would’ve been unemployed all this time? I said it before and I think it bears repeating, SOME MONEY is better than NO MONEY. In two weeks, if you haven’t found employment elsewhere, then you are completely dependant on your husband and family to support you because you couldn’t handle working at your job until you found employment elsewhere.

That means mom, dad, and the spouse are footing your bill until you find something you like and that pays you better for less work. Ha! Let me clue you in on something…You aren’t going to find it! Everywhere you work, there will be things that drive you insane. You either learn to ignore it, accept it, or move on. Now the hub married you so he has no choice but to help you. Your parents have raised their kid and it’s not fair to them to have to continue supporting you until you find that thing that makes your life worthwhile.

Maybe you don’t appreciate the advice and that’s fine. In fact, I expect it from you. I never thought you’d appreciate any advice that didn’t support what you want to hear. You want support in your choices? Honey, that’s what your family is for. Obviously they’re doing a real bang-up job of it because you run crying to the board every time you need to make a decision.

Whoops. Sorry.

I forgot that the MPSIMS is just a forum for group therapy and hand-holding. Even if it means encouraging mildly foolish behavior.

Let me try again:


You go girl!

I’ve always wished I had the balls to do what you are doing. You are my HERO!

What’s a little fiscal responsibility weighed against your immediate happiness? You’ve beamed a ray of light-wisdom into my humdrum life, thank you.

Was that better?

Your young, you can afford to do this. Mom and Dad will bail you out, Hubby is there to help. You don’t have expenses. No kids really helps the situation. Get a btter job. But don’t make a habit of it. Don’t expect people to be there all the time.

Hey Being Tuba Girls Best Friend n all, I support her decision, because I know what a hell hole that place is. Everytime she thinks she is goin gsomewhere in that company, someone makes a snide/rude comment, about her work, (something stupid really) and she gets placed back down where she came from.

I know it is not my job to criticize Grace, but when you are perfect then you can cast the first stone.

I have been at jobs I didnt like before, and with no one bailing me out, I went to other jobs. It is unhealthy the way they treat her and while she is young and really doesnt have anything on the line here (Kids, House, Car payment, Etc) By all means find a job that makes you happy.

I am sure none of you have ever had any problems and needed some love and got shot down by people who can’t run their own lives, therefore must criticize others.

Tuba just posts her to talk to you all, get some reaction from all sorts of different aspects, old, young, experienced, etc. There are easier ways to tell someone what you think without hurting their feelings. And it is just your opinion anyway.

Feelings arent right or wrong they just are.

I simply can’t understand the reasoning here, but I’m real big on personal responsibility. I’ve worked hellish jobs to pay the rent when my parents were practically begging me to move back in with them. This has payed off in two ways. One, I can take pride in the fact that I developed a backbone. In my teenage years I was a total slacker (which explains why I had so many shit jobs later) and behaved in a way that, frankly, I’m ashamed of now, but I changed. Secondly, I feel more secure knowing that if I lost my job for some reason, I WOULD be able to find work and continue to take care of my obligations.

I feel bad for you that you have given up so easily. Every job I’ve had was annoying at first, but I found that when you hang in there things change eventually, though it’s not always as fast as you’d like it to be.


I never said she had to stay where she was working. If you go back and read what I’ve written, you’ll see that I said Don’t quit until you have another job! I would never advise anyone to stay at a job where they were miserable but I would recommend that the person line up another before leaving. I’m not being mean. I’m being practical.

And this is where YOU are wrong. She does have other things on the line. They’re called credit card bills. Tubagirl has admitted to being around $12,000 in credit card debt. Do you think that Mastercard really gives a flip that she couldn’t work at ABC Company anymore? Trust me, they don’t. I worked for a Visa/Mastercard company and all they care about getting paid. They want to ensure that they collect regular payments. How is she going to make her payments if she doesn’t get a job right away?

Again, I’m not denying her a right to find a job that makes her happy. I just think she needs to be smart about her choices. Instead of encouraging her to quit her job, as her friend, you should encourage her to go look for another job. Then, she can quit. It’s called being responsible and being an adult.


IMHO, if she posts to get a reaction, then I don’t think she should be upset that someone posts something she doesn’t like or agree with. I didn’t open up her financial, marital, or living arrangments for the board to see. She did. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that someone is going to have an opinion about what she’s doing.

If I may interject here, I would have to say that I believe Grace means nothing but the best in her advice. From my own experience with debt (which I’m still going through) it is best to have successfully found a new job before leaving your previous one.

In purely dollar amounts:

Let’s say you’re working for minimum wage or so - call it $5.50/hour. If it takes you only two weeks to find a new job (Hey, you’re talented. You can do it in two weeks!) you will have bypassed $330 after taxes, provided you work 40 hour weeks.

Now, I would venture a guess that you are making more than minimum wage and maybe work less than 40 hours per week. Anyway, you can figure it out for yourself. But remember that when you quit your old job, this is money you can never recover, unless you start working somewhere else right away.

Okay, now that I’ve suppressed the part of my dad that’s in me, let me say that you should totally quit your job. Get out and find something that you enjoy doing. Then be the best at it. If you are, the money will follow.

Good luck tubagirl!!!