What (else) did Rex Stout create?

I have read quite a few of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe books and most of them use the same Stout biography on the back flap. In the biography, they mention that Stout created a banking system that was used by over 400 schools. I believe this system made him wealthy. Does anyone know what this system entailed? I tried searching the web and found tons of info about Stout, but nothing about this system. There are a few Stout biographies, but they aren’t at my library. Does anyone know? Barring that, can anyone WAG?

From Rex Stout, by David R. Anderson

Stout’s one-third share of the money came from royalties from the licenses ETS sold to implement the system. His brother actually conceived of the idea.

Wait a minute.
The creator of Nero Wolfe (an Under the Andes, but I digress) made money of the lunch money savings of children? No wonder he wrote about criminals.


Outstanding answer Exapno Mapcase - thank you very much. I didn’t expect to get an answer and I was surprised by the one that I got. Is Rex Stout worth reading? Should I try and get it through inter-library loan?

And carnivorousplant, we all know the true school-lunch crime is the food…

Stout is certainly worth reading.
Well, give Under the Andes a pass.
My favorite is Triple Zeck, but read them in order if you can.

Not unless you are a true fanatic. Half the book is nothing but summaries of the various novels. I assume I just picked it up real cheap used.

The only real bio is Rex Stout: A biography, by John J McAleer but only a fanatic would read that one either.

Just FYI and for fun, this page has a very neat timeline of all the Wolfe cases.