What ever happened to classical romance?


What ever happened to the classical idea of romance? Now days it seems to be popularly considered that taking somebody out to the movies is considered ‘romantic’.


Shoot, you did not make the movie yourself, and there was a minimum (if any) personal thought or attention paid to choosing the activity itself. Sure the dinner afterwards can take some doing (if done right at all. . . ) but shoot, are guys just wussies now days or what?

What ever happened to the poetry and flowers routine? Am I like the last living person with a Y chromosome who believes that every male should damn well LEARN how to write at least halfway decent poetry even if it causes them physical pain to do so?

And what about those craptacular gifts given out now days? Oh wow, a heart shaped box of chocolate. . . . how. . . original. . . :rolleyes:

Learn how to make chocolate, how to make molds, and make your own d*mn heart shaped chocolate to give out. It shows that you WORKED at something damn it!

I just do not see how gifts have any meaning if they did not have some sort of personal thought put into them. . . . Then again maybe it comes from being raised in a home were the bests gifts given out tended to be those ones that were hand made?

Seriously folks, yah the $200+ console system is nice, but when it starts snowing outside, and trust me on this one, you will be MUCH MORE thankful for that fuzzy warm blanket Grandma sewed ya then any console system that you may have received.

(This coming from somebody who has a penchant for fuzzy warm blankets though, I do like fuzzy warm blankets, they are rather nice, uhhhh, swords? Seriously though, they are tons more useful then the latest console system is, yes I have one of the new console systems, and I haven’t turned the damn thing on in months. Now while doing 3d modeling work in my computer room during the winter I am quite thankful for the blankets though, since without them my hands + feet tend to go numb.)

And I believe that the same goes for gifts given out besides just fuzzy warm blankets as well. If you make your own chocolate not only is it better then that crap Hershey makes (if you think Hershey makes chocolates then you are quite delusional. To those who have had real chocolates, Hersheys taste like icky wax, yuck!), but you have shown that you actually care enough to donate your TIME and ENERGY to doing something for that person.

Even more so, you have shown that you are willing to improve yourself solely for the sake of another person.

Which is truly the one action in life that is greater then (none life impending) sacrificing. Taking the time to learn something NEW, just so you can then sacrifice that to the person for whom you care about.

It is like Dedication++ :slight_smile:

So, err, any ways. To bring this post back to the main question on hand, what ever happened to these ideals? Why is it that a movie and some often times crappy dinner is considering ‘wooing’ somebody now days? Have our standards really dropped that low?

At very least go for a picnic in the park. Not only are the visuals much better (not even digital projection will give ya that high of a resolution!) but the sound effects are some of the most romantic out there (if you like birds that is, or the ocean, or just the wind, or any other of such sounds) and it is less likely to rot your brain then the latest RIAA flick.

[ul]How did Grandma get involved in a thread on Classical Romance? :confused:[/ul]

On the topic of home made gifts; something that Grandmothers generaly tend to excell at.

Morals and ethics of life and all, upbringing and what not.

Same thing as a good refined taste for cookies, very dependent on how HQ of a Grandmother a person had while growing up. :slight_smile:

Apparently your Ritalin’s running low again but… I can sympathize. Sadly, my poems are simply too powerful for most heterosexual women and so lesbians are my most appreciative audience as I must keep these thermonuclear missles of love sheathed so as not to break any fragile hearts by accident.

It works out OK most of the time except for the fact that most of my public readings are in coffeehouses and I must engage in contests of strength afterwards.

I like cake.

So do I.

I made Gunslinger a blanket by hand. I bought some fleece for cheap on ebay, expecting it to be POLAR fleece, and I was going to make us each a hooded blanket to wrap ourselves up in. Turned out to be just a fleecy flannel-type fabric, so I folded it in half to make it be a full-sized blanket size, and put quilt batting in it, and satin ribbon edging, and sewed it all together by hand.

It came out kinda lumpy, and it’s not perfectly rectangular, but it was my first time ever sewing anything without benefit of a machine, and he insists it’s a great blanket. At least it’s fuzzy.

What I find romantic is my partner taking the trouble to find out what I like, and then making an effort to do that.

Quite frankly, while I might find the fact that a guy wanted to come up with some “best effort” poetry sweet, it isn’t going to make me go all weak in the knees. Unless it’s Laureate-level, I’m not all that into poetry.

What does turn me into a pile of quivering girl-flesh is when my hubby plans and come up with something that he knows I like to do, whether or not it fits into the typical romantic profile. Case in point - the best anniversary I ever had, Bluesman got us a room in a hotel adjacent to a water park. We spent two days having a hoot at the water park, and having a romantic dinner in the hotel in between.

Was it a grand romantic gesture? Maybe not to anyone else, but it was to me.

What happened, is the women’s movement. If you want to make as much money as men, you can damn well buy HIM a friggin’ blanket. If you want to go have a picnic, get your butt off the couch, go to Trader Joe’s and buy some food, then call a guy you like and ask him to go to the park with you. Guess what? - he will probably love it. You need to lose your “what have you done for me lately?” attitude.

blowero, why can’t BOTH PEOPLE be romantic? Why does the woman have to do it first? That’s just as bad as insisting the man do it first. And in case you didn’t notice, Com2Kid IS MALE (says he has a Y chromosome). So what are you going on about? Buddha on a bicycle…

Not ritalin, dexedrine, get it straight. :slight_smile:

(besides, it wears off at around 8pm as it should, I have to get to sleep sooner or later. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I LOVE cheese cake.


Strawberry cake is good too, just so long as it does not use those craptacular IndustryStandard preserved strawberries, those things are disgusting!

(PROPER home made preserves are quite yummy though. :slight_smile: )

Me not being one that goes to coffee houses (see before mentioned [URL=http://www.psyweb.com/Drughtm/dexed.html]dexedrineURL]) I would not know the standard distribution of sexual amongst those who frequent coffee houses.

Talk about missing the point about six different way…

Buddah on a bicycle indeed.

I’m with Lucretia; find out what I like first. I’m not fond of chocolate, poetry bores me (especially amateur romantic poetry), and I’m a far better judge of flowers than most men I know. If my date trotted out any of those things, I’d know that he has not been paying attention.

Romantic is my boyfriend spending two weeks busking downtown, in order that he might buy me an HP 48SX calculator.

Lucky guy. :slight_smile:

Err, you don’t like chocolate?


:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

It should be equal. I’m just saying don’t feel that you are entitled to something if you are not willing to give of yourself.

Sorry, I must have flunked biology. I don’t remember the difference between x & y. Since I obviously missed the point, can someone explain why Com2Kid wants guys to write poetry for him and make stuff & the whole 9 yards, but doesn’t want to do it himself? And what’s Buddha on a bicycle?

I’m so confused:confused:

Women have two x chromosomes. Men have one x and one y.

I think Com just wants poetry to be written (and romantic things done).

Where did you read he wants it written to him? Or that he doesn’t want to write it himself? I think I missed that part.

Well yah, duh, but I just believe that both parties should be a little bit more romantic then an adam sandler movie. . . .

Being a male, I am rooting for my team to get up off of their asses and get to work. :slight_smile: Most men are an embaressment to their genes!

Ugh, I /do not/ want guys to write poetry for me, I am just asking what happened to guys writting poetry for females! Or at least putting SOME THOUGHT into the gifts and such that they give.

It is a rant about male laziness in general, yes I am male, but I am still allowed to rant about how d*mn lazy we 49% of the species are!

If I understand you correctly, Com2Kid, you’re saying that people should put care, thought, and affection into the things they do for the people they love. No argument from me there. It’s just that such gestures don’t always take the traditional form of flowers, poetry, etc. One of the sweetest gifts I’ve gotten from my SO is an Elvis Presley CD. He doesn’t particularly like Elvis, but he knows that I’m a big fan. For his birthday I’m taking him to DragonCon, a gaming convention in Atlanta. I’m not a gamer and on my own I would never go to a con. But it means a lot to him, so I want to share it with him.

Yes. Yes, I am. :slight_smile:

I don’t hate chocolate but it’s far from being my dessert of choice.

Band name!