What exactly is a 'mac'

You know the word, you know the song, what does it all really mean


Mac = macintosh


Despite my earlier ideas of lack of confusion in what I was asking, and in the idea that apple/mac had no ebonic fluent founders, I will ask again,

The return of the mac, or the mac daddy or whatever. what is it short for?

It’s a nickname as in FELLOW – used informally to address a man whose name is not known.

Also, the origin of the word most likely comes from the patronymic prefix in Scottish and Irish surnames.

All this wonderful knowledge can be yours with a Websters Dictionary!

So you are trying to tell me that when all of these 20th century rappers say ‘mac daddy’ they are refering to the father of the MacIntosh family. That makes so much sense. This whole time I thought they were refering to so kind of equivelent to the pimp daddy. Please more people give your opinion if you think these great minds are wrong.

It’s “mack”, not “mac”.

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Well, er, gosh darn!
I was just about to say that it comes from the French macquereau (mackerel) meaning pimp. Then I thought it might be best to check mattk’s link first. All the etymology is already there. Bugger.

All I can add is that the French mec (bloke) has the same derivation. My - rather bourgeouise - French Grammar teacher told me she didn’t like her daughter to use the word because its origins weren’t quite nice.