What, exactly, is a 'wig hat'?

I was listening to Call Of The Wighat the other day. What is a ‘wighat’/‘wig hat’/‘wig-hat’? Google images show them as: A wig, a hat with hair coming from under it, a knitted hat whose ribs resemble hair, a knitted hat with curly or stringy ends, and other things.

I had a wighat in the '70s. It was a brimless, cylindrical hat covered with fake blonde hair.

They were quite ugly. Goldie Hawn or one of the other dancers, wore one on a few Laugh-in a few episodes. Your last example is the closest, but it had doll hair.

The second one is what I usually think of. Like what sixties Batgirl used.

Batgirl was a Rasta?

Wighats are usually worn with high heel sneakers, a red dress and boxing gloves.

Now I’m going to have Devil With The Blue Dress in my mind for days.

Check out the blonde in the first 15 secondsof this clip. THAT’s a wig hat.

It is a detachable wig that can be donned or doffed much like a hat, hence the name. they are usually in the topknot or Beehive styles= The Ronettes were rumored to use Wig Hats, sometimes spelled as one word- Wighat, like Powerhouse.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_a_wig_hat#ixzz1c2ZhDJFx

The first thing I thought of was the rasta/beret in the OP, but then there’s also a visor with Guy Fieri (sp?) spiked hair coming out the top which is kinda popular for some reason.

Often pondered that one since I heard:

It’s something about limbo-ing on your face?


According to Lindisfarne it is one of these.