What Dorky Gang Member Started the Cap Wearing Sideways Bit?

I mean what is it with the style of wearing a baseball cap SIDEWAYS. Ok wearing a cap regularly makes sense it keeps the glare out of your eyes. Wearing it backwards keeps you from becoming a red neck.

But what does wearing it sideways accomplish other than making you look like an total idiot dork. I mean caps don’t even fit good that way so it could blow off easier if a gust of wind hits it.

Then what is it with the pants. I mean if they get any bigger, these kids are going to have to get suspenders to keep em from around their ankles like a little kid does after he poops in his pants.

Plus you get all kinda of mud and muck(love the term from “Fleth” buildup on the bottom of their pants. Hope none of them gangbangers or cowboys on the side or work at kennel or something.

I mean I’m all for self expression and everything but the styles these days are just stupid looking. Heck maybe I’m just getting old.

The first Gang member to do it was Scotty Beckett.


all the better to annoy uptight folks like yourself.

look how worked up you are about nothing.

where i’m from, your jeans would probably be referred to as “nuthuggers.”

Originally posted by hapaXL

I’m not worked up. I just think it looks goofy. But who knows maybe “goofy” is in style.

Well if that is the case, I guess ya’ll(people that wear there pants low) are referred to as “nutdraggers”.

I don’t know about you dude but I would rather have my nuts “hugged” than “dragged” anyday. :smiley:

I don’t know how the sideways-cap thing originated, but now it’s apparently an indicator of what set you belong to. Somewhere on the net there’s a gang-information site that
explained it, but I’m sorry to say I don’t remember where it is. Shouldn’t be hard to find, though.

I agree with Wildest about the pants–I mean, doesn’t that
feel a little awkward to have your pants crotch down between your knees? How do you keep stuff from falling out of your pockets?

Wow! I can say the same thing about styles from the past! It’s all a matter of opinion, and it’s pretty obvious that if designers were listening to you they wouldn’t be making any money.

God save the generation that isn’t looked down on by their elders.

As I remember, Huntz Hall wore his cap sideways in the 1930s “Dead End Kids” movies where he and his gang played disadvantaged hoods. And also if I remember correctly, it became quite the rage among a certain crowd looked down upon by the more conservative groups around at the time.

A number of the more conservative types really dug into the styles of those young people. Sounded a great deal like the OP.

TVTime seems to have an earlier cite than I thought of …

I was thinking it was either Gomer Pyle, when he worked at The Gas Station in Mayberry; or maybe it was his cousin Goober. My money is on Gomer, tho’.


There’s rednecks who don’t have the sunburn. It’s not a requisite.

Scotty Beckett predates Huntz Hall’s first IMDB credit by three years.

If movies are to be believed, the ball cap thing has been around for years. I’m suprised that anybody considers it stylish anymore. Grandparents will put a cap on a kid’s head like that for pictures, for crying out loud. It’s not cool.

These days, I’m often astonished when I see someone wearing a ball cap with the bill facing forward. I hardly ever see that anymore.

Mjollnir – it’s great to see someone else remembers Scotty Beckett. :slight_smile:

no, see, that’s back in now… it’s the new way to wear your hat!

I have heard this as well. I know that gang hand signals are made with either the left or right hand depending on things like which side of town your gang is from. The direction your brim is pointing may be a similar indicator.

No, no, no. If your brim points to the left, you are gay. But if it points to the right, you are straight. It’s the same thing with earrings. :smiley:

NO! Right is gay, left is straight!
Sheesh, people, get it RIGHT!

This reminds me of something that happened a few weeks ago at home. My ten year old daughter thinks Will Smith is really cool, so I downloaded the song “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” which was made during the beginning of his career, back in the long ago 1980’s. I hadn’t heard it in years, and we listened to it until the point where he complains to his mother about the clothes she makes him go to school in, which were 70s era Brady Bunch clothes that would spell instant social exile in the preppy 80s. My wife and I looked at each other, then at our daughter, and burst out laughing. She was wearing bell bottoms with embroidered flowers on them, a shiny polyester shirt, and shoes with 3 inch thick soles. Yeah, fashions are all pretty stupid looking depending on what generation you happen to land in.

Bill, for scientific purposes, I think you should paint up a sandwich board that reads “What Dorky Gang Member Started the Cap Wearing Sideways Bit?”, put it on, and go stand in Compton for a few hours. Let us know what you find.


No problem as long as Samual Jackson is around to watch over me. :smiley:

I’m not sure who or where this started but I have to agree with you Wildest Bill. The people who do this look incredibly silly. As for the baggy pants, every time I see someone with their pants dragging on the ground and their rear pockets even with the back of the knees I just want to run up to them and pull their pants up and tell them to stop it, now.

Another trend I’m curious about is how a sun visor cap is worn, upside down with the visor facing the ground and worn off to the side or the back of the head. What’s the point of this? It serves no purpose whatsoever and looks ridiculous.