What famous cases are still open?

For example, has Judge Crater ever been found? Or D.B. Cooper or the Black Dahlia’s killer?

I’m sure that there are hobbyist detectives working on all sorts of mysteries. I’m just curious which are still unsolved.

If you ask O.J. the killer of Nicole is still unknown.

And it is Dan Cooper, D.B. was an man in the Portland Or. area that the news media latched on to and the Intials stuck.

You haven’t been spending enough time in MPSIMS: Judge Crater “Found!” Sort Of!

Every month someone comes out with a new possible identity for Jack the Ripper.

You might want to also consider that many officially “closed” cases are thought by many not to have convicted the real guilty party. The Lindbergh baby kidnapping, for instance. (I’d mention the Kennedy and King assassinations, but that would be opening a real can of worms.)

But never fear - he’s hard at work tracking down the real murderer.

Maybe it’s the same guy who killed Robert Blake’s wife.

Or the guy who molested those kids at the Neverland Ranch.

What about Lizze Borden? (Is it Borden or Gorden, my head is hurting and I’m blanking). Still don’t know who killed her parents.

Wouldn’t it be wild if there really were some sort of celebrity-wife serial killer in SoCal?

Not that I think so, mind you, but the irony would be pretty heavy.

Crimelibrary is a great place to get all your unsolved celebrity slasher info. It does miss out on odd unsolved cases like the 1957 Boy in a Box murder.

Did they ever close the case on the Kingsbury run murders back in the 1930’s?

The Kingsbury Run Butcher case is another usolved mystery. The police managed to beat a cofession out of an alcoholic, but his cofession was obviously coached and the evidence the police turned out to crudely faked.

The anthrax killer has never been found, nor has the Tylenol killer, whom we can thank for all our impossible-to-unwrap products.

Donald Eugene Webb is still on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list, twenty-four years later.

The Black Dahlia murder is still open. Although I watched a show recently that claimed to have solved the case.

Damn, I was also going to link to the Cleveland Torso murders. I had no idea that they were the same as the Kingsbury Run Butcher.

Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance and final resting place(s) remains unsolved.

Who killed Sam Shepard’s wife remains unsolved (there is conflicting information about a supposed deathbed confession from a convict).

The West Memphis Three case is officially closed but there is no shortage of people who question the verdict.

Is Thelma Todd’s death solved?

The Zodiac killer was never identified.

Chandra Levy’s killer was never identified, although a person who was believed to have possibly been the killer was convicted for other similar crimes.

A whole bunch of unsolved murders here.

There was a program on either The Hitler Channel or Discovery Channel (yeah, I know, not the best source at all), where they stated that the fellow commonly referred to as DB Cooper was most likely caught within a few years. It seems there was a nearly identical hijacking some time after “Cooper” pulled his. The FBI in their efforts to track down the second hijacker (IIRC a National Gaurdsman from Utah), realized that it had to be the same guy. They managed to nab him, but I can’t recall why it was that he wasn’t charged with both crimes. I’m thinking that the guy died before the case could go to trial, but I could be mistaken on that.