What film is this? (probably 1970's)

I saw it when I was really little so I don’t remember much. In fact I really only remember one scene anymore. The scene really hit me hard as a kid though so I would like to know where it came from.

It was an animated cat, that had gotten left home alone. It kept hoping it’s former owners were coming home, but they never did (at least as I remember it).

Not the entire film was animated. It might have been made up of several shorts.

To this day the scene brings tears to my eyes.

That’s the Valse Triste (by Sibelius) section of Allegro Non Troppo, the Italian version of Fantasia. It’s available on youtube if you wanna revisit the pathos.

Wow! Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. That’s the one though. I don’t remember anything else.

Yeah, it was really sad (almost as sad as the Futurama episode with Fry’s dog) and the music really works well with it. It’s the best piece of the whole movie, IMO. The non-animated parts are kinda goofy slapstick and the other animated pieces aren’t nearly as good.

Just watched it on YouTube, and, um, I kinda wish that I hadn’t… :frowning:

Why do I watch things that make me cry? Poor kitty…sniff

At the end the cat starts glowing as did the people in his memories, and then he vanishes.

A comment on YouTube suggests the cat is dead and doesn’t know it. I thought the cat was alive and alone, and it was an artistic way of showing its death.


Take this.

Although the Sibelius is a lovely piece, I think the hands-down best segment of the film (one I would take over any sequence of either Fantasia) is the truly inspired rendition of Ravel’s Bolero.

You utter bastard! That was worse!


I don’t know, I kinda like it better if he’s a ghost. Hmmm, but if he’s a ghost, does that mean he’s doomed to wander the ruins forever, feeling lonely? Or is it better if he dies and goes off to join his famiy who obviously abandoned him at some point? Dang it, those are both sorta tragic. I’m gonna decide his family lost him when they were evacuated during the bombing of WWII and his ghost was tied to the house, the last place he was happy. And now that the house is destroyed so his soul is free to go join his family again. And go reapply my mascara…

Hehhehheh. That song is still going through your head, isn’t it? :smiley:

Excuse me, I have to go snuggle with my kitteh now.