What flag is this?

I have a flag in my hand. I don’t know where it’s from, though. The bottom is a yellow spiky line, much like Bart Simpson’s hair. The top three fourths have five stars on a blue field. What flag is this?

What color are the stars, and how many points on each star?
ETA: Does the yellow stripe extend all the way to the bottom of the flag, or is it a stripe similar to the design on Charlie Brown’s shirt - a zigzag with blue above and below?

Also forgot to ask: what shape is the flag?

The flag is rectangular, the stars are white with five points each. The yellow stripe is about the bottom fourth of the flag.

Any pattern to the stars? Or are they in a straight line?

This one’s proving difficult to find. My usual sources are coming up blank.

They form a square-like shape with a small star in the middle.

The closest I’ve come is the Solomon Islands, but it doesn’t have the spiky line the OP mentioned.

The CIA World Factbook page on flags doesn’t describe any other flags with five five-pointed white stars that would seem to meet the description.

The Flag Detectivesite and the World Flag Databasedidn’t turn up anything either.

Where did you get the flag?

So. . . are the stars like a southern cross constellation? That would be a good clue.

And is it a dark blue, or something lighter?

I guess the next step is to ask if you can get a pic up on Flickr or some similar site.

Ding ding!

I’ll be hornswoggled! How’d you end up locating that?!

Just guessed that the OP was describing a southern cross, and after looking in vain at southern Pacific countries, found that Wikipedia happens to have a “flags with southern crosses” page.

Yes! that’s it.

Nice work!

Someone needs to notify those sources I linked to in my post.