What flavor is your hair?

Searching through the hair dye at Rite-Aid last night with intentions of maybe, possibly, perhaps doing mine at some point in the future I was struck by how many of the colors were described in terms of food–Honey Blonde, Cherry Red…you get the picture. It got me to thinking what flavorful name they’d give my blonde/brown/reddish mess if they could put it in a bottle.

After much consideration I feel that I can safely say that my hair is Toasted Wheat and my eyes a nice Hershey’s Special Dark.

What about you?

to preview, or not to preview, that is the question.

buzzzzzz–looks like I got it wrong. :frowning:

My eyes would be…blueberry blue? My hair licorice black. And I’d never even think of dying my hair. Not even after the “salt and pepper” starts coming in!

Hm. That’s hard to answer. What flavor is skin?

My eyes would be kiwi.

My hair is Mocha :slight_smile:


Hair- devils food

Eyes- caramel

Skin - Vanilla

Eyes - Milk chocolate

Hair - Licorice black

Skin - vanilla

Eyes - blueberry is as close as I can get

Hair - cinnamon

I guess my hair would be toasted wheat with a sprinkling of cinnamon. My eyes…ummm mint chocolate chip with blueberries on top?

hair-dyed, but half-way grown-out, so half brandy, half dark rum

This thread reminds me of a story my ex-wife told me. When she was growing up, she used to chew on her own hair. When her mum scolded her, she claimed she did it because it tasted just like rice pudding.

Skin: Baked-apple color (the inside of the apple)
Hair: Hershey’s Dark Chocolate
Eyes: Um…gravy grey? (Best I can do.)

hair: vanilla-inside of banana-bit of strawberry. * I like to color it blueberry sometimes*

eyes: mmmmm; what flavour is gray?

skin: inside of coconut.

My hair is chocolate-and-caramel.

It’s the nice reddish chocolate color naturally, and I have one bleached bit the color of caramel on the underneath, so I can style my long hair so it shows or not, depending on how I want to look. Or I can just leave it loose, so it peeps out when I move my head.

My eyes are brown and dark green hazel, so I’ll go with ‘Kiwi Hazelnut’.

My skin is the color of a white-fleshed peach.

Oooooh, good one! Now I want to see your eyes. :slight_smile:


Hair - Burnt Pot Roast (sometimes brown, sometimes black, touch of red)

Eyes - Aluminum Foil (They’re a very steely green… almost silver)

Skin - Uncooked Salmon

Hmm… I think I might have some self-esteem issues.

Hair-Bourbon and Coke
Skin-Paste in the winter. Luckily, these days, I’ve been able to give it a nice honey flavor.

SKIN- grilled honey glazed chicken

EYES- black coffee

Hair- black olives

Skin - French Vanilla
Hair - Lemon Sherbet
Eyes - Blueberry Jam