What flavors don't belong with the others?

Seems in many collection of flavors, one is wrong for the set.

It’s not just candy, but I’ll start there:

In Juicy Fruit, there are a bunch of fruit flavors, and licorice.
In salt water taffy, there are a bunch of fruit flavors, and mint.
In a mix of Jelly Belly jelly beans, there will be a bunch of fruit flavors, and coconut.

Coconut is far from being the worst Jelly Belly flavor. Have you met my friend (by which I mean my most hated enemy) buttered popcorn flavor? Blech!

Jalepeno definitely does not belong.

What the hell is the blue one? Anti-Freeze?

My grandmother used to make jelly.

From the works of James “Kibo” Parry:

“Regular, ham’n’egg, honey-lutefisk, cheez’n’whiz, nearly-kosher tofu, and dog.”

This may be the only case on record where “regular” is the one that doesn’t belong.

If memory serves, he was Louie Blue Rasberry.

Isn’t coconut considered a fruit or is it a nut? Well, anyway it goes well with fruit, especially pineapple.

The buttered popcorn one is good when eaten with a chocolate one. But the Jelly Bellys aren’t really a good example of odd flavor combinations because they are all about unusual flavors, and if you get the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans they really have a lot of unusual flavors, like dirt, earthworms and vomit. THose really don’t belong in any flavor combination.

Coffee and mint. Coffee and chocolate, yes. Coffee and cinnamon, sure. Coffee and vanilla, hazelnut, amaretto, nutmeg, carmel or even a hint of orange, maybe. But mint? Yeeesh.

The Blue Tufted Otter. Currently on the engendered species list.

How about pizza toppings?

Sausage, pepperoni, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, pineapple…

Yes, I understand, the bacon & pineapple pizza is nice, and the bacon/pineapple/mandarin orange pizza with extra cheese is a thing of wonder, but wtf?

I used to work at an ice cream shop. One guy came in and ordered a pistaccio, orange sherbet, with pineapple and caramel topping sundae. That’s just nasty.

I can beat that.

At Thanksgiving, I saw an episode of the American version of Iron Chef. One of the dishes offered by the competition was Turkey Ice Cream. I shit you not-- purreed turkey meat and used it to make ice cream.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t go over all that well.

Dat ain’t nuttin’. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertie_Bott’s_Every_Flavour_Beans#Bertie_Bott.27s_Every_Flavour_Beans

Thinking of Pizza, I don’t really see anchovies as having a rightful place on pizza. Yes anchovies are very Italian, yes they have there uses and can be nice, but really there is no reason to put them onto a pizza.

Yeah, like, pumpkin ice cream is* so* over. :rolleyes:

My friends and I used to laugh when we saw Turkey Hill ice cream in the case. We’d go, “Made with real turkey!” Never did we imagine anyone would actually do it.

Reminds me of the Jones Soda Holiday Flavors: a box set of glass bottles of soda flavored with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, and what is undoubtably the best one, brussels sprout.

IIRC, it was Green Bean Casserole, not Brussels Sprout.

And Buttered Popcorn is one of (if not the) Jelly Belly’s best selling flavors.

Write this one down in the history books, people. This is it. THE moment. I have now officially lost all faith in mankind.

Third-generation ice cream professional here. I was once forced to make a daiquiri ice MALT for a customer. With caramel sauce. :eek:

One of my two favorite pizzas is anchovy pizza. Just anchovies and cheese, a classic one-topping affair.

But just the usual amount a place puts on is enough. I once worked at a Pizza Hut, when a call came for a pizza with triple anchovies. That’s too much of a good thing.