What food has the most calories?

What food, in and of itself, has the most calories? “In and of itself”=no extra added ingredients, just the food itself.

Fat-9 calories per gram.

Whale blubber?

I suppose you mean calories per unit weight.

Anyway, as runner pat says, the answer to that would be fat: triglyceride fat if we are confining ourselves to naturally occurring, normally eaten food ingredients. Saturated fat will have a little more than unsaturated fat, and you will get a little more energy density the longer the hydrocarbon chains of the fatty acid components are. To a good approximation, that means that the more solid the fat is, i.e., the higher its melting point, the more calories you will get per gram. Thus, for instance, mutton fat is going to have a slightly higher energy density than vegetable oil, but even vegetable oil will have more calories per gram than any sugar, starch, or protein.

As food - meat fats like Lard - pig fat

Deep-fried lard.

I feel like I’m at the state fair. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are fats like explosives, and have more energy because of the double bonds ?
So polyunsaturated fats would have more energy ?

It’s not because of the double bonds.

When fats are metabolized they are broken down into more small molecules that can be converted to ATP (energy production) compared to proteins or carbs. So, molecule for molecule and gram for gram they have provide the body with more raw materials to make energy.

Mmmm… Nothing beats the traditional deep-fried, bacon-wrapped butter… On a stick!

Yeah, pure fat is where it’s at. As one wonderful restaurant I just went to has as its slogan: “Pork Fat: We Put that #%@! in Everything!”

Dipped in chocolate. With sprinkles.

The food with the largest portion probably. Measuring calorie percentage by weight or volume doesn’t mean much. To get a meaningful answer you have to consider the portion size.

Portion size= 1 blue whale.

That would probably be the correct answer if it is a stuffed Blue Whale. I’d suggest for stuffing a Finback Whale, stuffed with a Minke Whale, stuffed with a Bottle-nose Dolphin, stuffed with a camel, stuffed with a cow, stuffed with a sheep, stuffed with 20 geese, each stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken stuffed with hen’s eggs stuffed with pigeon eggs. Drape the whole thing with 200 sides of bacon and roast at 350F for 6 weeks. Add salt and pepper to taste. But whatever you do, don’t add any rabbit.

Alton Brown says stuffing is evil.

Good idea; most people don’t like finding a hare in their food.

Poutine; potato carbs and starches, deep fried in fat, with gravy, (meat fats with flour and grease), and cheese curds, ( milk fats and salt)!

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