What foods tend to fight diarrhea?

Thank you all for your help and concern. It has been 26 hours since my last, liquid, poop. Knocking on my wooden head, I think I got it fixed. I used the BRAT diet, cheese, Citrucel, and on @Qadgop_the_Mercotan 's advice, Immodium. I hope it’s a good fix, and that I haven’t gone too far in the other direction. Time will tell.

You probably cleaned out your colon, and whatever you have eaten in the meantime hasn’t quite made it to completion yet.

I hope that’s what it is.

There are people (yours truly raises hand) that pretty much live with soft stools permanently, and yet have never gone to a doctor about it (guilty). So, to this layman, there can indeed be degrees of diarrhea – the usual everyday kind that’s not super-frequent (maybe 3x or 4x per day); then a little runnier and a more frequent; then finally, shooting out virtually pure ‘water’ every 15-20 minutes.

As someone with lactose intolerance and IBS, I used to get diarrhea often. I take now four psyllium capsules daily and carefully monitor my food intake, and that’s eliminated the episodes almost entirely.

So with experience I can say that Imodium is not a bad temporary solution. Your intestines can get into a state of spasming that leads to more spasming. Calming them down both makes you feel better and shuts off the trigger that keeps on triggering. Of course, temporary is important here.

Yeah - there’s low-grade diarrhea which is maybe one or two rushes to the toilet, then All Is Well. I wouldn’t say that’s “good” diarrhea, but it’s no big deal. Then there’s the lingering sort which lasts longer, and there’s the REALLY unpleasant sort which involves a lot of “too late” moments :poop: I would put the lasts-longer sort in the “moderate” category; “bad” if it leads to genuine dehydration or lasts more than a couple of days. The last category, “too late”, is the most misery-making of all, and having lived with that, you’ll pry my Welchol out of my cold, dead hands.

Doctors are interested in longer-term CHANGES in bowel habit - like if you typically produce bricks, and now have evolved to routinely producing something like oatmeal, it’s worth looking into whether your diet or other habits have changed, and mentioning it to the doctor.