What functions does straightdope have for you?

I use it for politically incorrect rants and odd questions and observations. It results in a much better social life for me and marriage as I keep from bothering my wife, neighbors and friends with all kinds of ideas and opinions.

What about you?

kills time at work, keeps me from surfing porno or getting bored.

well, yeah, i guess i could find something to do, but that would ruin my image! :smiley:

There is nothing “secret” or “special” about 1,000 island dressing.

I usually use it to ask questions on matters I’ve always wondered about, but that I could never ask someone personally. It’s also a place where you can voice your unpopular opinions.

Where else can you do that?

Broadening my horizons. Th’ Dope is full of freaks and I love them all. :smiley:

I find the people here very smart. It kills time for me. It also makes me laugh.

Maybe I should read while drunk one night. :smiley:

I find we are all deaf on the board, so things kind even out for me.

handy my man, sometimes you say the most profound things. Congrats on the big 12K.

It’s amusing, even funny with remarkable regularity!

It answers random questions.

It’s a place for discussion [even if I’m not participating, I get to sit in the corner and listen in. What more could you want?].

It’s a random time filler.

It allows me to satisfy my insatiable thirst for trivia. Then use some of this knowledge to answer other questions. Also a useful way to procrastinate at work or school.

You’re welcome Why a Duck. I hit 12,000 before, so this is the second time, the first time
everyone’s counter got set back a bit.

Its great to hang out where everyone can communicate on the same level.

I flip you a lot of shit, handy, but Why A Duck is right – every now and then you come up with something really deep and thought-provoking. The above certainly qualifies, and I tip my hat to you.

As far as what the board does for me, it (1) makes me laugh, (2) educates me factually, and (3) improves my clarity of thought. Now, if it could only get me laid, I wouldn’t need to be married.

Joke! Joke! Ow, sweetie, ow! Not the testicles!

Entertainment. Also keeps me away from online shopping.

It’s become my home away from home, at home. When I think of the Straight Dope I think about a huge city. You have every type of person and location represented into a huge community which spans the globe. And we all talk about pointless things in MPSIMS 24/7. :smiley:
Thank God for the message boards.

A chance to laugh at clever banter, dirty jokes, wild stories and down right weird shit.

A source of odd but interesting information, heated but intelligent debate (mostly), and the occasional online verbal scrap (the Pit).

Discussion of culture (high and low) that I can rarely find in RL with the circle of friends, family, cow-orkers, etc. that I currently have.

An escape from the drudgery and tedium that is my life currently.

A reminder that not everyone is a backward redneck genepool cull like most of the people that I work with. I work with a lot of people who could have been hillbillyboy.

A refuge during the long nights and longer days when I can’t sleep. It doesn’t make me sleepy, but it does help me to unwind when I am restless and uptight over personal issues. It also reminds that there are plenty of people going through a lot worse than I think I am, and they still manage to hang in there.

Now if I could just get a good board crush going, sigh…

I hate when people start talking about their post count. I’d be 30 away from 1,000 if I hadn’t lost more than 500 in December.

I’m bitter.
Anyways, communication. My friends are all lazy pricks, so they never call or answer my e-mails, so here I can speak to people all over the world and actually have them speak back.

Opportunities to meet those same folks at fests and dinners.

Alternate news source.

Time waster.

Little-known info on pop-culture.

Discussion on interesting topics that I might never have considered.