What Gemstones Can A Man Wear? (In Jewelry, Of Course)

Every once in a while, I think about getting a ring. I’m not much of one for jewelry–I’ve got a Timex Expedition watch that badly needs replacement (and trust me, it ain’t what you would think of as a fancy watch), but that’s it, besides the studs and cufflinks that came with my tux. I can’t find the recent thread on men’s jewelry, so I’m going to start this one.

So, anyway, what kind of gemstones generally work for men? I think that the gist of that other thread is that the women responding didn’t really like much other than plain silver bands, but I figure it can’t hurt to ask. Not that I’m likely to pony up the money for a ring any time soon.

I would have no problem wearing a ring with a nice black onyx in it.

Ammolite is very pretty, and is suitable for men’s jewelry.

Obsidian is also very nice.

Opal could also be a nice choice.

And of course, a diamond is always nice.

My father has a very nice turquoise ring. I think in the case of men, it better be a big ol’ stone, or don’t bother.

No rubies! They don’t even look that nice on women. Stick with diamonds, probably.

If your skin is fairly pale, turquoise is a beautiful color. Onyx, yes.

I guess, if nothing else, there is always the Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia Phat Bling Spinner Ring.


It’s absolutely awful, I agree, but the name is kinda fun to say.

“Hey, what kind of ring is that?”
“It’s my sterling silver and cubic zirconia phat bling spinner ring.”

Check out the reviews:

That’s a joke, right? Right?

No diamonds.

A dark garnet is cool. :cool:

Wear whatever you like.

I dunno. I’d say it’s not that different from what gemstones a woman should wear. Depends on what your general style is.

I would say obsidian is, indeed, a good bet for men in general (and women…lovely stone). Or onyx. I guess, for men, more burnished, less glittery. but as I say, depends on your personal style.

I would disagree with the folks who recommended diamonds…might as well tatoo “yes I have money” on your forehead. Tacky.

Depends on how big the diamond is. I wear an anniversary signet ring on my left hand and a gold and onyx ring on my right. Both burnished or brushed.

Why tough, manly ones, of course!

Seriously, though, I think just about anything not pink is fine. Also pearls are somehow inherently feminine, so I don’t think they can work to well in a man’s ring, although for something like a tie-tack a pearl would be fine.

This is strictly IMO.

FWIW I’m male, but I think most of you know that.

Actually, I think diamonds have a certain…look.

I am of two minds about diamonds. One is, I know it’s all a big scam and they rip you off and I don’t want a diamond engagement ring because I don’t like them very much…

and the other is, they do look nice.

Another vote here for onyx or obsidian. Preferably set in sterling silver.

Some of the more natural-looking, less sparkly gemstones like moldavite, jade or amber might be good.

DeHusband wears a silver zuni ring with an inlay of about 10 different semi-precious stones.

I recently bought my wife a sterling silver pendant set with a dark blue lapis-lazuli about a half-inch across.

I wouldn’t mind having a silver and lapis ring, myself.

Alexandrite is a beautiful stone, which changes colors in different lights. I have one in a pretty silver setting.