What Generation Are You

Restart of a thread closed for making too many polls at once.

What generation are you in the Neil Howe-William Strauss Generational theory?

Boomer here. But don’t you have Generation X a little early? I always thought they were born no earlier than the 1970s.


I’m just following Messrs. Strauss and Howe’s years.

Gen X, 1978 (Grunge, flannel and Nirvana baby!)

Gen X…whatever…

Gen X

Gen X.

The boom generation did not start in 1943. It began on January 1, 1946.

Booo, I’m not a fan of these guys’ gaps.

I prefer the Gen.X, the Gen Y and the Generation XY transition period that occurred in between.

Because I certainly don’t fit the X generation but I’m not a damn Generation Y person either…

Then again, maybe I am a generation Y.
Who cares? I guess we’re all winners here.


I’m a 1968 vintage, which would make me gen-X according to the OP, but I’m from Spain, so smack on the peak of our previous baby boom (there’s another one going on now), old enough to remember the dictatorship but raised in democracy…

Full on G’X.

What the hell does “Civic” mean for Millennials? It should be “Whiny and Spoiled.”
And where’sGeneration Jones?

The dates for Gen X are far to broad.


I was born in 1974 - part of the post-1973 war mini-boom - but the generation breaks are a bit different in Israel. My parents, who were born and raised in America, are classic Boomers - but that makes them pretty unique here. *Their *generation is very different than in America, and as a result, so is mine.

I’ve never heard of Millennial Generation, which is what I apparently am (and neither whiny nor spoiled, thanks, garygnu.)

This is the first time I’m seen the millenials start in the 80s but I qualify, barely.

I was born in 79 but consider myself a millennial. I identify with them on social, scientific and political issues more than generation X.

It means we care about things other than ourselves. You should try it.


People try to put us down, just because we get around.

X according to this poll. I was born in 80 and exhibit a classic split of characteristics.