What growth abnormality did this person have?

While I was out this weekend I saw someone with a growth abnormality (or deformity if you prefer) that I had not seen before. It was a woman, and from the waist down she appeared to be completely normal (this includes her butt, legs, and feet). But her upper body was much shorter than normal; it appeared that her torso had been “crushed”. As a result, even though her legs were normal length, she was probably only 4’ - 4’6" tall.

I was walking behind her and was trying not to stare. There didn’t seem to be any issues with brain function (although her speech was a bit garbled), and there were definite issues with mobility of her arms and upper body.

I’m just curious what this might have been.

Well if you are talking about a fellow human please treat others with more respect.

‘It’ is a woman, 50% of humanity, ‘butt’ whilst we all know what the word means, futher demeans this individual.

The SDMB, AFAIK, does not operate as a vicarious Victorian ‘Freak Show’.

If you believe in anything, and apparently according to your own miens, you don’t, thank your lucky stars you are who you are. By the way you are too short/tall/thin/fat/bright/dumb/libertine/reactionary or just plain ignorant.

Ugh, I’m sorry, my OP probably came off the wrong way. If this is considered offensive then I have no problem with a mod deleting it. Those were genuine writing errors and not an intended dehumanization of the woman I was describing. Unfortunately, I missed the edit window.

I’m actually genuinely curious, not in a “point and stare” kind of way but in a “read wikipedia about it” way.

Your post was fine…some people are just hypersensitive around here and don’t understand the basics of how humans sometimes speak. Marfan syndrome is one possibility and can result in long legs with a shortened torso.

So. . . I’ll take it you don’t know, either???

Overreact much?

Long legs, okay; but in Marfan Syndrome I think the torso is short only relative to the long limbs, not in an absolute sense (although there can be all types of associated abnormalities of the chest which may lead to its ‘collapse’, I suppose).

“It’s” may not have been the best choice of word, but the OP was fine.

“It is a ______” as a phrase used to identify a person’s gender is absolutely standard, and shows no disrespect.

IANAD, etc.

Sounds like an extreme scoliosis to me. If the spine is curved in a sideways “S” it gives that “crushed” look you describe.

Awfully good of you to not suggest any alternatives. :rolleyes:

“Butt” is fine. It’s the word of choice when someone doesn’t want to be so clinical as to use “buttocks” or so vulgar as to use the word “ass.”

This site and others use the term “short torso” as a symptom of Marfan. They don’t seem to use it in relation to the length of the legs so it seems, in some people, it can be a manifestation of Marfan. Marfan also causes scoliosis and can result in speech problems due to malformed palate and jaw.

I’m not claiming this is the answer but it just seems to fit best to me at this point.

Not a visual freak show, but certainly an intellectual freak show.

My wife’s aunt is built similarly. I believe she has a form of scolosis.

What’re we supposed to call it then? The derriere? The posterior? The heiny? What is the enlightened designation for booty?

There was nothing wrong with your OP. pdunderhill is just being a rooster inhaler who’s looking for something to be offended by without having to look in the mirror.

Sorry if that came off the wrong way. I don’t want any chicken farmers to think I was insulting them.

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