What happened to all the Ultimate Guitar tabs?!

Whenever I would google a tab for a song, something from Ultimate Guitar would pop up toward the top 9/10 times. Now, nothing comes up in Google except a link to Ultimate Guitar search, not to the tabs themselves.

This change had to have happened in the last month or so…

Any idea what’s going on? Thanks!

Google’s changed their search algorithm, or UG has implemented norobot scripting on all their other pages, would be the two most likely answers.

presumambly that’s A Major change, in the algorythym

You can expect to see minor adjustments in the near future.

So I need to modulate to a different key?

That’s just flat wrong.

So, you’re saying someone changed the coda?

How much longer can we continue to minor diminished supply of chord puns???

I wouldn’t fret about it.

I think it was part of Google’s recent initiative to eliminate copyright infringers from the results page. Online guitar tabs are legally just like pirating the CD. Unless you buy the printed book of tabs that was licensed by the band or record label.

I like the way this thread is progressing.

I disagree. I don’t know anything about the legality of such sites but I can assure you there is a vast gulf between someone’s guess at the chords and burning a pirated CD. As someone who occasionally uses such sites I can relate that the songs “transcribed” are rarely correct. And anyway it’s just the chords, not all of the musical notation. If I was to guess, I’d say it’s more an infringement to post the lyrics.

You people are nothing but treble.

I know that most of the drum tabs I used to look at got taken down a few years back. There was an announcement posted on the site to the effect that it was a copyright issue.

Absolutely. A significant proportion of online tabs are laughably wrong. It seems that anything beyond, say, a minor 7th chord is too harmonically subtle for your average internet tabber, so they’ll just throw in the nearest chord they know that sounds about right.

I agree with your disagreement. Several years ago, many tab sites closed down for a while, apparently due to threats from the publishing companies. I assume this was legally settled at some point because the sites have all popped back up. I agree that someone listening to a song and then printing their guess at how to play it is not a copyright infringement. And yes, most are either a little wrong, or a lot wrong.

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You rang?

Yeah, I tried to confirm the chords of some song recently and it would pop up, but force me to sign in or buy something before I could see it.

I hate that.

Yeah, folks will just keep picking at it.