Most reliable site for guitar tabs?

I was looking for tabs to play the virtuoso guitar piece “Clap” by Steve Howe of Yes.

There are a lot of guitar tab sites out there, providing individual guitarists’ interpretations of what notes they think make up the music. As such, they may vary from one interpreter to the next.

“Clap” in particular has some very intricate guitar pickin’ and I need to get the notes complete and accurate. I hope the tabber has neither missed anything, nor fudged some notes.

I was wondering if the guitarists here can vouch for any tab site that gives accurate notes.

This site gives you an index of the better tab pages out there.

IMO, this is one of the best. Often you will find several different tabs for a song, along with user ratings. You can find the Clap tab there listed under “Yes.”

Some tabs are mind-bogglingly bad aren’t they? I remember looking at a tab from a tab site that allowed for forum style responses. After this one particular god-awful tab someone wrote “Dude, you should be shot.” Got a good laugh out of that one.

Anyway, the best way to get tabs is to put the song title followed by “guitar tab” in google because then they’ll all come up and you’ll link directly to them for fast comparison of tab quality. This beats going from site to site.

I suggest you download a program called Guitar Pro 4.0.

This program is awesome (and there is a free trial) and there are thousands upon thousands of tunes tabbed for it. I went to download one guy’s song book and it consisted of at least 10,000 songs. This is really quite an amazing program and blows away those nasty email style OLGA tabs. The tabs are excellent transcriptions and include the drums, bass, etc. parts as well (that can be muted). It will play a midi version of the tune and you can slow it down, loop parts of it. I highly recommend it.

And of course they have your tune (twice):