What Happened to Benny Hill?

Hey, the Benny Hill show is really mild by some of the stuff that flies today. So, where has this show gone? You’d think it’d be popping up somewhere on cable? What’s the SD on this?

I’d love to see a Benny Hill revival. Unfortunately he’s kind of…umm, dead.

So it would be a true revival.

In chicago, channel 9.2 plays Benny Hill. I don’t know what the channel is called, but it’s like MeTV.

Wikipedia says it was running on BBC America up until 2007. And I remember it being shown on Comedy Central back when I was a teenager (1990s). So It apparently shows up in syndication at least occasionally.

They used to show it on PBS uncut in the 70s. Topless dancers and rape jokes were not unheard of in later seasons; what they show on cable now is pretty heavily edited.

Antenna TValso shows the reruns on weekends.

I remember this, too. I believe it was edited slightly for content, though.

I’ve seen it in the last few months, I think. It’s aged poorly, IMO.


I cannot tolerate that stupid, fast-paced theme song.

Yakety Sax.

Then you’ll hate this site: http://bennyhillifier.com/

What is it with you guys and Benny Hill anyway? In the UK, it is widely regarded as the worst TV comedy show ever.

Because it reassures us that not all of the British are classier or wittier than the average American.

(Worse than Heil Honey I’m Home? I’m surprised. And American TV has even worse “comedies.”)

For me, Benny Hill is kind of a nostalgia thing. When I was a kid, we weren’t allowed to watch it (our local station ran it in the pre-primetime slots, heavily edited) because my mom thought he was dirty. Which he was, but that’s why we WANTED to watch it. I look back on the rare evenings that I was home alone for a half hour or so at the right time and reveled in watching the show because it was a) dirty and b) forbidden, the two sure-fire desire-enhancers of pre-adolescence.

Yaketty Sax is getting really old.

Not when it accompanies another Benny. :smiley:

I assure you that many, many, (so very many) Americans feel the same way.

Then why was it on the air for a couple decades?

UK Gold used to show loads of “classic” television but nowadays channels like it seem to mainly show reruns of shows from the '00s and the '90s, maybe stretching to the '80s. It’s interesting seeing stuff like Citizen Smith, The Liver Birds, etc. from the '70s because a lot of the humour is so dated they just serve as period pieces. It’s strange there isn’t a network that just shows programmes from the '50s/'60s/'70s. Maybe they recorded over all the video tapes of a lot of the shows?