What happened to Bricker?

Yeah, I’ve seen cases where a literal straw man meant to make Bricker look like an idiot actually came away looking better than Bricker’s actual response. The consistent problem: Bricker cares about the means. Consistency in the means is the crucial, important thing to him. The ends? Eh, who cares. Who cares that in one case, a wildly unpopular monument to white supremacy got torn down and in another 169 people fucking died - the means were both illegal, ergo liberal hypocrisy, ergo… I don’t fucking know. Bricker is deranged. Probably an excellent lawyer, given that being a lawyer means fighting not for what’s right or what’s true but rather for your client, but utterly deranged.

Bricker is the epitome of a bot. There is no nuance, no humanity, no reading between the lines with him/it.

It’s black and white and nothing else should be considered in any discourse.

How sad if he is actually a human. If he IS a bot, then…well, what can I say?

Fuck it? :smiley:

A snide jab designed to provoke an emotional response while containing absolutely no logical or factual substance.

Seems a tad contradictory to your premise.

I let him keep all his fingers. Oddly enough, it was a proportionality of response issue at the question there as well. Or maybe it’s not odd, and that’s just his thing.


Did you come up with that on your own?
Because that is gold.

It is richly ironic that one of the few Dopers who is willing to concede a point or be persuaded, comes in for this same kind of accusation.


Huh, once upon a time Bricker was capable of being moderately funny.

Have you checked the voter suppression thread lately?

I don’t even give him that. When he serves as court-appointed lawyer for those who can’t pay, I’d bet he does just the bare minimum to avoid getting disbarred and doesn’t give a flying fuck about his clients.

He’s a pony of few tricks. He fucking loves his guns, probably whacks off with them. He hates undocumented immigrants because he considers himself to be one of the “good Hispanics” and morally superior to the riffraff coming in now. He obsesses over betting on politics and thoroughly loves rubbing wrong predictions in the faces of others. He thinks the only debate that one ought to have is whether something is legal, regardless of whether others are arguing morality or efficacy. He fucking knows that there is no problem with illegal voting but argues for voter ID so that the “wrong” people that he considers morally inferior don’t get to vote. He may be a savant on legal knowledge in the same way Ben Carson was on brain surgery, but it’s wasted in the smallness of the man.

Very much the sort of thing I am thinking about. Here and here are his responses.

Now - Trump sure sucks, don’t he?


I know right? The board was different back then. That thread even had Shayna defending Bricker. Oh the times they have a chang-ed.


Oh, I think the effectiveness he brags about, to whatever extent it exists, is from the same shit we see here - just toss enough of the debate-club stuff he loves so well out there that it sounds smart and reasoned, and fool the jury into thinking it’s reasonable doubt. It works on enough Dopers, too, to keep the fun going for him.

But you’re right that it’s about him, not his clients.

No. Old joke.

Don’t have the link handy (I’ll look when I’m able), but Bricker admitted that his views about US policy re: Cuba were largely based on his own personal feelings about the Castro brothers. That was big of him at least (though I’ve since asked him to revisit those thoughts, with no response).

There are several posters on the board whose posts I will read in any thread on any topic because they tend to have thoughtful, thought provoking, or interesting responses. Posters who if they had an actual newsletter I would subscribe. Bricker is among that group of posters. Many of the other posters responding in this thread are not.

At least ge’s got **Bone **and **Shodan **on his side. I’m sure that’s comforting.

I was going to put out a newsletter, but I’ve certainly got second thoughts now that I don’t have a guarantee that Bone will subscribe to it.

Is it already time for the annual **Bricker **pitting? Next you’ll tell me that pumpkin beer is back on the shelves!

I wish this board had more like him. He’s not perfect. None of us are. But he has a number of sterling qualities–including a willingness to admit errors–which is more than most posters can claim.

Grampa? What’s a “newsletter”?

All you have to do is assert that the Second Amendment provides for him to be in a militia that can resist tyranny with his AR-15 and he’ll consider that “thoughtful, thought provoking, or interesting”. :rolleyes: