What Happened to Dr. Solomon's?

I was in CompUSA the other day and happened to walk by the anti-virus program shelves. Dr. Solomon’s Anti-Virus program, which used to run about $50, was now a whopping $1.88. I bought it, of course, and it was actually more recent than my former version which cost $50.

Did Dr. Solomon’s go out of business or something? Don’t tell me they’re making a profit selling their software at $1.88 a pop!

Maybe it was a clearance. I haven’t heard anything about Dr Solomon’s going out of business, but if you got their program for $2, then I wouldn’t exactly buy stock in the company.

I went to DrSolomon.com and it seems to be owned by network associates, makers of the very nice and worthwhile mcafee virus software. I think there was a buyout.

How long did it take McAfee to identify the I Love you virus? Norton found it that day and McAfee the next day.

I’ve always held the opinion that if you buy any anti-virus software except Norton’s you’re wasting your time. And i believe that Dr. Solomons was the one that AOL used to offer its customers for free so that tells you pretty much all you need to know right there…

Too bad some parts of Norton Utilities are crashware, otherwise I would still be using it.

I am particularly amused when Crashguard intercepts Norton System Doctor. I keep them turned off on my cheap PC. It seems to do OK on the Gateway laptop at work.

Yeah, my personal name for Norton Crashguard is “Norton Crashcauser.” Their Anti-Virus and Utilities programs are great, but if my computer crahes on me, the very first thing I will do upon rebooting is to disable Crashguard. Usually that cures the problem.

I like macafee because I have been using it since I owned a 386dx40 (it wasn’t a dog at the time either). I’m used to it. All of my virus problems are caused by me not getting the update in a timely manner. The unscheduled virus updates would not be covered by the very nice and worthwile norton auto-update. Usually I just wait too long to update my *.dat files.

Nortons crash-guard is self-neccesary. I have heard of several computers whose crashing tendencies were reduced by the removal of this product.