What happened to “Get Fuzzy”?

I used to really enjoy it but around 2013 Darby Conley stopped drawing new strips. Wikipedia article says it’s not known what happened.

Any of the Teeming Millions have any idea?

This is about as mysterious as what happened to Bill Waterston and “Calvin and Hobbes.”

Totally different situation. Conley quit producing without explanation (to date), while Waterston gave a good reason why he quit drawing “Calvin And Hobbes” and ended the strip with a most satisfactory and touching goodbye.

That is weird. I knew he stopped doing the strip, but had no idea nobody had any explanation for it.

It must have gone to the same place as Fuzzy Logic.

That’s what made me ask the question. :wink:

I knew that at some point he quit doing daily strips and was only doing new Sunday strips, but didn’t realize that (a) that was almost ten years ago and (b) there haven’t been any new Sunday strips since 2019 (according to the Wikipedia page).

It seems like it would be some kind of breach of contract on Conley 's part, which makes me wonder why the syndicate is still publishing the strip. But hey, if papers are still paying for it, why not?

Why? Contracts tend to have expiration dates and/or termination clauses; there’s no reason to assume that the contract wasn’t simply concluded normally and not renewed. The fact that the syndicate continues to publish reruns (and the fact that we haven’t heard any stories about why the strip ended production) suggests an amicable parting of the ways.

I thought I remembered reading, back when he first went to Sunday only strips, that it was because he was having trouble keeping up with the daily grind and that he was missing deadlines more often than not. That’s what I was thinking of in terms of “breach of contract”. But I guess it makes sense that they must have worked something out otherwise the strip wouldn’t still be running.

Daily comics are crushing grind. Especially with an art style as detailed as his was.

Source: my life.

Just checked your profile to see if you list anything about a comic. Did you know your domain is available for $1795?

Luckily I already own it.

I had a largely unsuccessful syndicated comic called Watch Your Head that ran unsuccessfully in newspapers for eight unsuccessful years.

Great work though, Cory!

Are you trying to sell it? Because the link in your profile goes here:

Oh, that domain. Clearly haven’t looked at my own profile in a while. Yeah, I gave that domain up. The dot-com is my Moby Dick.


Not to make the post about me. Just testimony towards understanding why someone might walk away. I’m sure his mental health required it.