What Happened to H1N1 Swine Flu?

It was supposed to be as bad as the 1919 flu-but nobody seems to be getting it.
Is it a rather benign strain?
What will the Government do with all the serum they bought?

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It’s still out there. WHO reports about 13,000 fatalities to date, worldwide. It’s on the wane in North America (probably because of vaccinations), but is still regionally widespread in many states.

I just learned yesterday a friend’s 6-year-old son is down with it now. Caught it at school.

ralph, do you even bother reading newspapers?

I don’t remember anybody reputable stating this was supposed to be another 1918 flu. I remember them saying it could become one but not that it was one. From what I remember, as early as June they were stating that it is a relatively mild flu for most people. It seems children are the most vulnerable, and several times as many children died of H1N1 this year as any other year. This has undoubtedly been a very bad flu season, but it looks pretty normal right now.

A co-worker supposedly had it last week. She stayed home having just got back from vacation, thank goodness, hopefully she was germ free by the time she came back this past weekend. As she was in a large, sealed tube full of people for several hours I’m sure there were probably some other cases.

I tried to get a free shot but couldn’t find one anywhere so I finally broke down and got one at CVS for $18.00.

I’m wondering if from now on we’ll be needing TWO flu shots each year or will they be able to combine this H1N1 flu shot with the regular one, next year


Where I work two of the higher-ups in the company had it. They said it was really bad and lasted several weeks.

We buried a friend of mine in November from it.


The last I checked the CDC website (which, admittedly, was months ago), H1N1 had, IIRC, diminished in strength to be comparable to the seasonal flu.

As for me, I just got my flu shot yesterday at a nearby Walgreens. I’m not afraid of dying from it (though I am in the age group that had a lot of deaths), but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to get it. I’ve had friends who’ve been knocked out for a good two weeks because of it, and they said they were absolutely delirious. Not putting myself through that if I can help it.

They will combine them. The only reason they didn’t combine them this year is because H1N1 was so late in being discovered and isolated.

From what I can tell, the local health department can’t give those shots away right now. The threats over, so nobody wants them. I got mine at a free clinic a few weeks ago.

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News Flashes from the past six months: H1N1 is dangerous and highly contagious. Get the H1N1 shot, keep your hands and workplaces clean. Encourage people to stay home when they have the flu. Come up with plans at school and work and educate people about H1N1.

Someone strolls by and observes: Hey, what’s all the H1N1 talk? Why the hype? People aren’t dropping like flies.



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The comparison to the 1918 flu was that it was more likely to affect young, healthy people than regular flu strains - which it did & does.

I would imagine they’re going to continue injecting it into people.

I just got my H1N1 shot yesterday. Thanks to the folks at Happy Harry’s Discount Drugs!

Carl, you from Delaware?