What happened to Moody Bastard and his posts?????

I turned a friend of mine onto the Straight Dope about a year or two ago. When he signed up, he chose the Moniker “moody bastard.”

I was just searching for some of his posts and they all seem to have disappeared… ALL OF THEM. There are still references to him in threads, and in fact, quote him from something he should have said JUST ABOVE them, but his post is gone, and searches turn up NOTHING AT ALL.

Now, there’s a chance he didn’t re-subscribe after the year was up, but does the Dope totally remove any knowledge of your existence if you stop paying???

Or did he do something to piss people (read: admins) off?

Interesting. I did a user search for him, and was told, “Invalid User Specified.”

BTW, you might get more attention if you posted in the “About This Message Board” forum. It’s a lot less crowded, and posts tend to stick around longer.

Ask one of the Mods to move this one for ya, they’d be happy to do so.

If you’re really worried about what happened to a poster, we normally prefer you e-mail a Moderator (more than one to get a better chance at a quick response) to ask. This helps us move attention away from socks and trolls.

This is a happier case, though. Moody Bastard changed his name to Mal Adroit earlier this year. All is well in Adroit-Land. :wink:

… and since this has been answered and doesn’t belong in Cafe Society, I’ll move this to ATMB and close it down.

For the record, if you choose not to resubscribe, once the subscription expires the member status is changed to “Guest.” The user information is not displayed (post count, location, etc.). The former-member-now-guest has read-only status on the board. That’s all that changes.

If you choose to resubscribe, everything updates and you go on as before, same screen name, updated post count, access to search, everything.

your humble TubaDiva