What happened to my Pandora?

I’ve listened to the Pandora free music site for a year or so now, but recently it stopped working for me.

The site starts as it always did with the little slider bar traveling across the screen, but when it finishes, I get a screen that says

javascript:onTunerEvent(‘userAuthChanged’, 'wsgG9Q…"

at the top, with a page of general links to jewelry, cars, travel ans so on.

My question is - Is Pandora still working? Has my connection has been corrupted? How do I fix it? I really liked the service.

Are you on a PC? If so, go to Start - Run and type in cmd then click “ok”. Then type in:

ping pandora.com

and hit enter.

You should have several lines that say “Reply from…”

That’s Pandora’s IP address. Is that the same IP address you get when you ping Pandora?

Adding to ZipperJJ’s post, in your browser go to:

Try it with more than one browser.

I don’t think ping will work of you are on a network/behind a firewall. At least, it does not work for me.

As to the OP, could it be that your Flash needs updating?