What happened to my RAM, and how do I get it back?

Short version: I go to load a CD of TurboTax, and it says my RAM ain’t got enough Jimmy. I check it out, and sure enough, I only got 192!

So, I check the last 3 versions of TurboTax, and the system requirements are the same (256k). These all loaded fine and I’ve used them the last 3 years.

Am I correct in assuming something has usurped my RAM somehow? So far, I shit-canned the useless AVG anti-virus program, defraged the hard drives, dumped other useless programs (old games and kid junk) and emptied the trash. Restarted, but no change.


How much RAM are you supposed to have?

It’s possible that one or more of the RAM chips inside your computer has gone bad or has vibrated loose.

If you don’t feel comfortable checking this out yourself, take it into a computer shop and ask them to diagnose your RAM chips.

Another possibility is that the earlier versions of the software did not check for available memory when they installed, and were able to run with less than the specified minimum.

I’d say that’s not just a another possibility, but the most likely scenario. Minimum requirements are usually not rigorously tested/established. They put down some baseline of a crap machine they have in the closet somewhere that they were able to run it on.

Deleting programs and such will not help in this case.

Yes stopping things like antivirus may free up RAM but the program is upset about the total amount of RAM you have installed in your system. It wants to see more.

Usually (not always) you can blow off the warning and install anyway and often (not always) the program will run fine anyway.

If you have only 192MB in your system then I am guessing you have a fairly old system.

You can buy new RAM for it rather cheaply at most electronics stores (be certain to know what kind to get, ideally bring in one of the memory chips you have to a store so they can get the right stuff).

That said, while more expensive, may be time to think about a more up-to-date PC.

Okay, since I’m one step up from a hoarder and save everything, I went to the garage and got more info from the box.

It came with 256k, so something has happened. I got the book out, and on page 56 it has a nice detailed “how-to” for installing memory. It uses DIMM memory, and as soon as I get done here will shut down and check out the module banks. I also just happen to have a couple chips good for 256k lurking around in the desk drawer from about 15 years ago. I’ll do a little recon and maybe swap some stuff around and let ya all know how it turns out. I can also get whatever I need from this giant computer recycler in town for pennys, too. I replaced my CD drive there real cheap.

Thanks for the help so far.

Wait, are you saying your computer has 256KB of memory?

I’m sure that’s a typo. The OS wouldn’t even run on 256K, let alone Turbo Tax.

This is an April fool’s post, right? Right? Dimms?

Sounds like you’ve got some defective RAM there. Reseat them first. Then swap positions if there is more than one.

The best news is that RAM is cheap. Head to Best Buy or NewEgg and bump it to at least a gig. Preferably max out whatever your board will support.

Gatopescado, how old is this computer? You mention that you have chips lying around 15 years old that might still be compatible with it? This thing must be a real dinosaur! You might consider buying a low-end new computer for a few hundred bucks. Even the entry level computers these days will be well ahead of what you’ve got.

Grabbed a new “module” with 512kb of RAM at the cheapo depot and plugged it in and now have no problems.

Sorry. Not an April Fool thread. I’m actually using a 6 year old system, on dial-up (a good day I get 45kb/s— normal is 28kbs).

All I need.

I got a 65 Ford, 2 69 Fords, 73 Volvo and Jeep and a bunch of “new cars” so you know where I’m coming from. :wink:

Thank you for all the input. I’m good now. Would a Mod Please Close?

Where the hell did you find RAM modules for sale measured in kilobytes? It’s 2010 outside your computer! :wink:

This has GOT to be an April Fool’s thread. Seriously. A 2004 computer is still going to have a LOT more than 512Kb of RAM, unless it was second hand when you got it then. Even my ancient 486 DX4/100 back when I was in high school in the late '90s had more RAM in it than that.

I had an HP Pavilion 8201 in 1998 - which was in the bottom middle of the pack for new computers then (Pentium 233) - and even it had 32 megs of RAM.

It’s most likely just Mbytes, not Kbytes.

My Amiga in 1986 had 256 kB of RAM.

I bet that he has a onboard video adapter which is using some of his RAM as VRAM (Shared Memory Architecture).

TurboTax 2009 System Requirements
Updated: 3/17/2010
Minimum Requirements for Your Computer

TurboTax for Windows (Download/CD)
Minimum System Requirements
RAM 256 MB of RAM (512 MB recommended)

TurboTax for Mac (Download/CD)
Minimum System Requirements
RAM 256 MB

so Gatopescado is out of luck or off by an order of magnitude regardless of what he keeps saying.

That’s my bet, too. Almost positively if it’s a Dell, or pretty much any other pre-built machine, really.

Three orders of magnitude actually :p;)