What Happened to my Toyota Payment?

I’ve owned an 09’ Prius for about 6 months now, and every payment i have made is early and for more than my due amount.

Over the past 6 months my payments have gradually gone down, it got as low as $280, and then today i open up my statement and it went all the way up to $520! Which is almost $100 more than my standard payment amount.

What just happened?

I’m betting there’s a phone number on that statement… I’d call and ask them. Who know… some FI’s structure payments differently. Might’ve been something in the fine print.

You’re not paying car insurance through your creditor through escrow are you?

I know they do this with mortgages (like mine) and home insurance. Although in that scenario they take 1/12 of an insurance payment per month. Perhaps, if this is the case with your car insurance, they are billing you for 1/2 every 6 months?

I do have some form of insurance through the dealership, that is probably it, thank you!

Isn’t your bill itemized?

Better yet, does the bill have a customer service phone number??? :confused:

The bill is NOT itemized, and i dont really see the point in it being itemized, all the money should be going towards paying off the car.

And yes, it has a phone number, i will call in the morning.